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Reckless driver crashes, gets away on foot, enters home, threatens to kill residents. Huge mistake.

A reckless driver in California crashed into another vehicle Monday night, got away on foot, entered a home, and threatened to kill the residents. It was a fatal mistake for him. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

What thoughts went through the guy's mind Monday evening is anybody's guess — but good decisions apparently weren't among them.

What happened?

California Highway Patrol got word of a reckless driver in a truck heading north on U.S. Highway 395 in the area of the Honey Lake Rest Area — about five hours northeast of San Francisco near the Nevada border — around 7 p.m., KOLO-TV reported.

A CHP officer located the truck and began a chase that reached speeds of 105 mph, the station said. The driver of the truck lost control and crashed into another vehicle in Janesville, which caused injuries, and the driver ran into an area with trees, bushes, and tall grass, KOLO said.

Police said the driver arrived at a home, armed himself with a beer bottle, entered the attached garage through the open roll-up garage door, and entered the house, the station said.

Did he threaten the residents?

The driver then confronted the residents and — holding the beer bottle over his head — threatened to kill the family if car keys weren't given to him, KOLO reported.

A woman in the home retrieved car keys from another room, the station said — along with another item: a handgun.

She gave the keys to the intruder, KOLO said — and gave the handgun to a man who lives in the home.

The male resident told the intruder to stop and put his hands up, the station said, but instead he ran back into the garage and got into the residents' truck.

The resident pursued the intruder, who was behind the wheel of the truck and soon accelerated and drove toward the resident, KOLO reported.

The resident shot one round at the suspect, killing him, the station said.

Officers called to the scene found the man's body in the truck, KOLO added.

Now what?

The suspect's name has not yet been released, the station said.

Once the Lassen County Sheriff's Office completes its investigation, the case will be forwarded to the district attorney, KOLO reported.

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