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Cops see boy running around park in socks with bloody foot. What they do next will warm your heart.

A police officer spots a child in a state park wearing just socks and a with a nasty cut on his foot. (KatieWhitaker/Getty Images)

Two police officers in Tukwila, Washington, came to the aid of a young boy playing in a park who was worse off than he realized on Thursday afternoon.

What are the details?

According to a viral post on the Tukwila Police Department's Facebook page, two officers — who chose to remain unidentified — discovered a young boy playing in a state park wearing just socks while the two officers were patrolling the area.

The young boy, who was sporting the torn and dirty socks, also had a cut on his foot, which was freely bleeding, according to the post.

When asked by police officers why the young boy wasn't wearing any shoes, the child responded that he didn't have any shoes because he'd outgrown his last pair and had no more pairs that fit him anymore.

Upon hearing the young boy's sad story, one of the officers got the young boy's shoe size and ran out to purchase a pair of shoes for the little one — and he even came back with popsicles as an additional treat.

The post, which has been liked more than 2,000 times at the time of this writing, showed a picture of the unidentified officer tying the shoes of the boy — who can be seen with a popsicle gripped in his little hand.

The post said:

Sooo ... Sergeant Modest and Officer Bashful (names have been changed to protect their bashfulness) were patrolling on foot at Cascade View Park yesterday afternoon. They came across this guy running around in torn dirty socks and bleeding from a decent sized cut on the bottom of his foot. The sergeant cleaned up and patched his foot with his first aid kit. When asked where his shoes were, their new friend told them that he didn’t have any shoes because the pair he had was too small for his feet to fit in.

The sergeant ran out and grabbed a pair of shoes for him while the officer kept him and his friends company. He came back with not only a pair of shoes, but also with a bunch of popsicles because what isn’t better than a cold popsicle on a hot summer day?! The officer helped to tie his new friend’s shoes and they all enjoyed a popsicle together before parting ways.

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