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Breaking: Judge makes stunning decision in Muslim compound case after charges of racism

A judge in the bizarre Muslim compound case in New Mexico said the five suspects were not a threat to the public, and released them until trial. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

In a hearing Monday, a New Mexico judge found that suspects in a bizarre child abuse case were not a danger to the public, and released them on bond.

Defense attorney blames Islamophobia

Two Muslim men and three women are charged with 11 counts of child abuse each after police raided their compound in New Mexico and discovered 11 malnourished children living in squalor.

Their lawyer argued that there was a double standard in the case because his clients were Muslims. He argued that if they had been Christian and white, "we might not be here today."

Despite law enforcement authorities saying that they believe that the children were being trained to attack innocents, and that the adults were radicalized, Judge Sarah Backus released the suspects.

Prosecutors also said they obtained a letter from one of the suspects telling his brother to come to the compound and die like a martyr.

The lawyer for the suspects said that there was no evidence that they were planning any kind of attacks.

Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe testified that they found children holding boxes of ammunition, and that one child was found with a gun.

The Taos County Sheriff's office raided the compound after police in Georgia informed them of a message coming from one of the denizens saying they had no food or water and needed help.

The 11 children have been taken into protective custody.

Here's a video about the bizarre compound case:

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