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He spots men breaking into his storage unit with blowtorch. So he pulls out his gun.

An Oklahoma property owner spotted two men breaking into his storage unit with a blowtorch early Tuesday morning. So the victim pulled out his gun. But the burglars shot back. (Image source: KTUL-TV video screenshot)

An Oklahoma landowner took a gander at his security camera Tuesday morning and spotted two men using a blowtorch to break into a storage unit on his Tulsa County property, the Tulsa World reported.

The property owner confronted the men, pulled out his gun, and tried detaining the pair, the paper said — but KTUL-TV said the victim noticed one of the suspects had a gun on him, too.

Sure enough, the property owner and the intruders exchanged gunfire, sheriff's spokeswoman Casey Roebuck told the Tulsa World.

The two attempted to escape in a gray pickup which had been reported stolen, the paper said — but the property owner shot out one of its tires, after which the suspects got out and ran, KTUL reported.

Roebuck told the Tulsa World that the men fled into nearby woods and that deputies found blood on the pickup. Indeed, the sheriff's office told the station that the victim believes he shot one of the intruders.

One of the still-at-large suspects was described as wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and work boots, KTUL said, while the other suspect was wearing a pinstriped suit. Sheriffs had a tactical team searching for the suspects, who they believe were still in the area, the station said.

The homeowner said that while the men broke into the storage unit, they didn't take anything, KTUL noted.

He also told the station that he's experienced multiple break-ins on his property.

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