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CNN debate goes off the rails as Kellyanne Conway lays into Chris Cuomo

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A CNN interview with White House adviser Kellyanne Conway turned into a tendentious debate when host Chris Cuomo told her that the difference between CNN and the Trump administration is "integrity."

'That's why people don't trust you'

"Where in the [Paul] Manafort trial is Russia collusion Trump?" Conway challenged Cuomo.

"I don't care," Cuomo replied.

"You should care," she responded.

"The president lied about what he knew about these women," Cuomo said. "He should not lie to the American people, in their face, time and again. The Washington Post does a blow by blow take-through, it's the first lie they've ever flagged in their fact-check."

"Just because you are saying that, wait, I have a very simple question for you," Conway said. "Why is it not important for you to replay and talk about the president's own words, why don't you show him answering that question?"

"Because he's lying," Cuomo said.

"No, you don't want people to see him answer the question," she charged.

Cuomo disagreed, and then played the tape secretly recorded by Cohen, but it was not the tape Conway wanted played.

"Yeah, he knew later on, he knew before, he's lying!" Cuomo said emphatically about Trump's contradictory statements about the payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

"Is that Michael Cohen and President Trump talking about ..."

"You know what tape I want to hear?" Conway interjected.

Cuomo sighed in desperation.

"Excuse me, tell us what's on the tape of Chris Cuomo and Michael Cohen?" she asked, "What's on the two-hour tape with the two of you?"

"Tons of stuff," he responded.

"OK, well tell us! Transparency, accountability, facts first, why?" Conway mocked.

"I'll tell you why I can't," Cuomo responded, "because I'll tell you why, because there's a little difference you and me, and the shop you're working for, integrity..."

"The White House? How dare you!" she exclaimed.

“You should admit he's lying," Cuomo fired back, "and you don't, and that's why people don't trust you. That's why, right there.

Cuomo continued to say that Cohen took steps to make sure Cuomo wasn't recording the conversation, but then himself recorded. He added that he would not betray Cohen's confidence even though he had kept their conversation private.

The rest of the debate descended into Cuomo and Conway interrupting each other and talking over each other.

Here's the video of Conway's debate with Cuomo:

"What is it about powerful, articulate women on TV that bother you as guests?" Conway asked at one point.

"C'mon Kellyanne, you don't have to play cheap with me, just own what's real," Cuomo responded.

Michael Cohen, Trump's former private lawyer, pleaded guilty and claimed that he violated campaign finance rules at the behest of then-candidate Trump. Many have claimed that this pushes the political pendulum towards impeachment of the president, but few Democrats are openly calling for what would be a very divisive act of Congress.

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