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Does anyone think the left will be satisfied with this FBI investigation?

Glenn Beck

During Judge Brett Kavanaugh's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, Democrats repeatedly badgered him about the lack of an FBI investigation into Christine Blasey Ford's version of the story.

But barring time travel, it's hard to understand how they think the FBI would be able to discover anything conclusive about 36-year-old generalized allegations. And let's be honest, if these allegations against Kavanaugh have any merit, and the FBI never found a hint of them through multiple previous background checks, then the FBI is dangerously incompetent.

Democrats are executing their game plan to perfection. They created such a media ruckus with the last-minute accusation by Ford, then added fuel to the firestorm with even more absurd and more last-minute accusations from Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick, that anyone who questions the accusations is automatically branded a woman-hater. It doesn't matter that, so far, there is no evidence to back up any of the women's claims. Senate Democrats planted seeds of doubt and that was more than enough.

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Once Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona took the Democrats' bait on Friday, insisting on a further FBI investigation before a full Senate vote on Kavanaugh, the die was cast. There will be another FBI investigation and that means plenty more opportunities for Democrats to fan the media flames, continue crying foul, and figure out ways to delay the Kavanaugh confirmation indefinitely.

Privately, Democrats must be staring at each other in disbelief, their minds blown by how perfectly this has gone to plan.

On Saturday, the White House confirmed there will be an additional FBI investigation that will supposedly last this week only. Investigators will interview Kavanaugh's high school friend, Mark Judge, whom Democrats are convinced is the missing link in their quest to prove Kavanaugh is a scumbag. The FBI will also interview Deborah Ramirez, the accuser from Kavanaugh's college days at Yale. The other two witnesses the FBI plans to interview are Leland Keyser and P.J. Smyth, who Ford says were both at the party where the alleged attack took place. So, everything will for sure be totally cleared up by Friday.

In a shocking development, Democrats are already complaining about the limited scope and time restraint of this investigation.

In a shocking development, Democrats are already complaining about the limited scope and time restraint of this investigation.

The great part for America is that we now get to enjoy this parody of a soap opera for at least one more week.

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