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Conservative NFL legend wonders why CNN hasn’t fired Don Lemon over racial remarks about Kanye West

NFL legend Herschel Walker wonders why CNN hasn't fired Don Lemon over racist remarks he made about Kanye West. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

NFL legend Herschel Walker tweeted about Don Lemon's racially charged remarks on Thursday, musing over why Lemon's network — CNN — hadn't yanked him from the air.

What racially charged remarks?

While hosting a Wednesday night panel discussion, Lemon, CNN contributor Tara Setmayer, and Bakari Sellers discussed rapper Kanye West's relationship with President Donald Trump.

During the exchange, Setmayer criticized rapper Kanye West for wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.

“Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read,” Sellers said. “And we have this now and now Donald Trump is gonna use it and pervert it, and he’s gonna have somebody who can stand with him and take pictures.”

Lemon and Setmayer laughed at Sellers's reference.

Setmayer added, "Now all of a sudden, Kanye — because he’s put on a MAGA hat, and he’s an attention whore like the president — he’s all of a sudden now the model spokesperson, he’s the token negro of the Trump administration?"

“This is ridiculous!" she spouted. "And no one should be taken Kanye West seriously!”


What did Walker say?

In a Thursday tweet, Walker took issue with the Wednesday night segment.

He wrote, "Went to bed appalled over @donlemon despicable behavior laughing at @TaraSetmayer and @Bakari_Sellers awful remarks about Kanye West’s visit with @realDonaldTrump!! Woke up wondering why @CNN doesn’t take all three off the air?#SHAMEFUL #CNN"

Setmayer later responded to Walker's remarks, and wrote, "Bless your heart. You want to silence me because I expressed a different opinion than yours? Because I called out Kanye for what he is? Uninformed!I’m an actual conservative, who’s worked on policy advancing those principles for 20+yrs."

"I’ll never be a shill for Trump," she added.

Walker wasn't to be deterred by Setmayer's snippy response.

He fired back, "No ... @TaraSetmayer, anyone that is African American with an opinion different than yours, you want to call them out by using the N-word and @donlemon is laughing?? To me that’s bullying and shameful!!"

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