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Starbucks barista receives brutal beating by random man — then a good guy with a gun shows up

A good Samaritan intervened when he saw a man attacking a Starbucks employee. The Samaritan shot the attacker and may very well have saved a Starbucks' barista's life. (Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

A good guy with a concealed carry permit and weapon may very well have saved a Starbucks' barista's life in Millcreek, Utah, last week.

What are the details of the incident?

Shelby Hamilton, 24, was working at Starbucks on Oct. 4 when a man — later identified as Benjamin Scott Overall, 37 — entered the store and reportedly attacked her upon walking through the door.

Unbeknownst to Hamilton, an employee at a neighboring 7-Eleven had just set off a panic alarm over Overall's concerning conduct inside the store. Overall fled from the 7-Eleven into the Starbucks store when police arrived and began pursuing him.

According to a probable cause statement, Overall reportedly approached Hamilton and began striking her with his hands, kicking her, and hitting her over the head with a metal basket.

Criminal charges against Overall stated, "[Hamilton] couldn't get away from [Overall], and he continued to strike her on her head, face, neck, and shoulders."

"She fell to the floor to try to protect herself, and he started kicking and stomping her and continued to hit her with the basket," the charges noted.

Hamilton said that she believed Overall would kill her that day.

"He just came in the door and ... hit me in the back of the head from behind," Hamilton recalled. "I was the first one he saw."

Who fired the shot?

Hamilton added that her co-workers seemed to be so stunned that they didn't react — but said that one of the store's regular customers did.

The unnamed man, said to be in his 60s, reportedly “shot Overall once to protect himself and others.” The gunshot wound, which was located on Overall's chest, was not fatal.

“[The armed citizen] witnessed the assault against the clerk,” Unified Police Department Detective Ken Hansen said. “And his response, because apparently after the assault the guy came after him, and so he shot the man in the chest.”

Authorities reviewed the store's surveillance footage, which purportedly featured Overall assaulting Hamilton, and then moving onto the armed citizen. The unnamed man then reportedly shot Overall, but the suspect was allegedly still able to advance on police, who had arrived on the scene by this time. Police detained Overall and took him into custody.

Hansen added, “[Overall stepped] outside, our officers engage[d] him and [he was] non-cooperative. They don’t know he’s been shot. One of them deployed a taser [and] it doesn’t work because the thickness of the clothing he was wearing, and that’s when they discovered he was shot in the chest.”

What else?

Hamilton explained the the armed citizen was a regular customer and did not expect that he would be the one to save the day.

“I never would have expected that from him,” Hamilton explained. “He just seemed like a very meek guy. So I was surprised, but also very grateful. I was very grateful that he was there. And I was glad it was somebody we see regularly so that hopefully, in the future, I can thank him.”

Police charged Overall with aggravated assault and criminal trespass. Overall remained hospitalized through Wednesday to treat his gunshot wound.

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