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Democrat voters stun CNN when asked if Hillary Clinton is helping their candidate

Florida Democrats offered a stunning assessment of whether Hillary Clinton was going to help or hurt their candidate win the race for the governorship in their state. (Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)

A CNN report set out to find out from Democratic Florida voters themselves if former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was helping their candidate get elected. Their comments were stunning.

'People don't trust her, no one trusts her'

CNN's Randi Kaye interviewed several Democrat voters from Florida in an informal focus group about Clinton and her role in helping Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum win the governorship in their state.

"Her post-presidential sort of demeanor or platform has been very sort of self-indulgent and very much about re-litigating what happened in 2016," said one male Democrat.

"And our generation, my generation doesn't really respond to this re-litigation of 2016," he continued, "and I want to call it whining, and at this point it's kinda what it feels like."

One lone voter said she could be helpful, but only in terms of financial fundraising.

"She's just got bad cred," she added. "Bad cred. People don't trust her, no one trusts her."

"The reality is I voted for her," she continued. "I supported her. But she does things that, she trips over herself, and she makes big mistakes."

'Let’s get some fresh blood out here!'

Another voter called Clinton's comments about former President Bill Clinton taking advantage of his intern "horrifying."

"We're in 2018. Timesup, MeToo," she said, naming sexual harassment movements, "Harvey Weinstein unleashed, you know, a generation long abuse of power, and it's completely tone-deaf to say that a female 21-year-old in the White House in the Oval Office with the president is not a victim.

"And is bringing her on going to be a trigger for some people, saying, 'Did you hear what she just said a week ago?'" she continued.

"Let's get some fresh blood out here!" said a different voter. "Let's spice it up."

Watch the video report from CNN below:

Former Hillary Clinton campaign manager and current CNN contributor Robby Mook was defensive about his former boss.

"She's popular with a lot of people, she got a lot of votes, and I don't think Democrats should be wringing their hands right now about Hillary Clinton when she's out there trying to help candidates," he said.

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