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Poll: Americans say US needs a third party

A majority of Americans believe the U.S. needs a third major party. (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

A majority of Americans say the United States needs a third major political party, a new Gallup poll revealed.

For the sixth straight year, voters have said they believe the current two-party system isn't cutting it.

Asked whether "the Republican and Democratic parties do an adequate job of representing the American people or do they do such a poor job that a third major party is needed," 57 percent told Gallup they wanted a third party.

The poll result follows a trend that began in 2013, when 60 percent of voters said the same. In 2014, 59 percent of voters said a third party was needed. Then in 2015 the number was back to 60 percent, followed by 58 percent in 2016 and 61 percent in 2017.

Since 2013, no more than 38 percent of voters have said the two major parties are adequately representing the American people. The record low (26 percent) was set in 2013.

In 2012, 46 percent said a third party was needed, and 45 percent said the two parties do an adequate job.

When Gallup first started polling this question in 2003, a majority (56 percent) said the two parties were doing an adequate job.

Since 2013, Democrats and Republicans have expressed similar levels of support for a third party — until this year. There's currently a 16-point gap between the two parties, with only 38 percent of GOPers backing a third-party option and 54 percent of Democrats feeling the same. Last year, 49 percent of Republicans backed having a third party.

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