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Watch: Leftist reportedly tore down GOP campaign signs in Texas, approached witness with knife

A known Democratic activist was caught on video cutting down Republican campaign signs in Texas. (Image source: Video screenshot)

A known liberal activist was reportedly caught on video cutting down campaign signs for Republican candidates in Mesquite, Texas.

"This is why you must vote straight Republican," state Sen. Bob Hall (R) wrote Friday when he shared the video in a Facebook post. "The true nature of the Democrats is beginning to show. Yesterday a well known Democrat activist showed up in Mesquite and started cutting down signs that support one of my fellow Republicans.

"We must not tolerate this bad behavior. For the sake of our children I urge all Republicans to turn out and vote straight Republican," he continued.

What happened?

The first part of the video was shot by Republican supporter, Sylvia Guzman, who happened to be driving by when the man was taking down campaign signs.

Sitting in a car, she confronted him about his actions.

"You know that's against the law, don't you?" Guzman asked.

The man became upset and, at one point, walked toward her with the knife in his hand.

Guzman warned him that she had him on video on her phone.

"Why don't you just go away, you and your dumbass Republican friends," he yelled at her.

Hall said the man left but later returned to pass out literature, according to KTVT-TV.

In the second part of the video, which Hall said he recorded, the man became angry again when someone in the video asked him about the incident.

He admitted taking down the signs but claimed it was because the Republican signs were placed in front of the Democrat signs.

"Why can't we have a simple election without everybody getting all in a big tear about it," the man asked. “You can take your phone and shove it up your f***ing ass."

"Come and try it," Hall responded.

Who is the activist?

According to Deanna Metzger's Facebook page, the man taking down the signs is Gary Ward, who serves as president of the Mesquite Firefighters Association and serves on the City of Mesquite Veterans Affairs Board.

TheBlaze has not confirmed the man's identity.

What else?

Hall told WBAP radio that the problem is more than a battle between the parties.

“This is a battle between good and evil,” he said.

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