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Liberals blame white women for Democrats' failures in midterm elections — and they're vicious

Prominent liberal voices attacked and blamed white women for ruining their "blue wave" of Democratic votes in the midterm elections. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Prominent liberal voices offered scathing critiques of the demographic they blamed most for the lack of "blue wave" victory in the midterm elections on Tuesday — white women.

White women uphold white supremacy

Despite the onslaught of free campaign publicity for Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas) in his uphill attempt to unseat incumbent Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and the millions that poured into the contest, Cruz was able to hold on to his seat. Although the House of Representatives fell under control of the Democrats, many were disappointed at the lack of greater electoral successes.

Many on the left saw this and the deflation of the "blue wave" as evidence that white women were not pulling their weight at the polling booth to help their progressive vision come to fruition.

And they aired out their frustrations on social media.

Liberal activist Marisa Kabas tweeted, "white women uphold white supremacy through their vote. they have no qualms about hurting women of color, and that’s an objective truth."

"Black women voted 95% for Beto. White women did what white women do," said comedian and writer Travon Free, adding an image showing that 59 percent of white women voted for the re-election of Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Some conservatives on social media saw the irony of blaming white women for voting for a Hispanic candidate, simply because he's Republican.

"59% of white women voted for Ted Cruz," said white female comedian Chelsea Handler. "I don’t know what it is going to take for us to be sisters to other women, but we have to do better than this."

"We need to vote for the best interests of others, and stop thinking only about ourselves."

"White women are a Republican constituency, and in many states they again voted as if patriarchy would protect them," said frequent MSNBC guest Jamil White. "50 percent or more for DeSantis, Cruz, and Kemp."

"I am unsure when they will understand the damage that they do, and not just to themselves."

"Really, truly embarrassed that 76% of white women in Georgia voted for Kemp. It's shameful. Humiliating," said New York Magazine writer,

"Thinking about driving my ass down there next election and personally talking to as many of these fools as possible."

"We have to do better, white women. Doing f**king SOMETHING would be a g***amn start," tweeted liberal writer Courtney Enlow. "Have the awkward conversations, take the emotional labor off the backs of women who have more on their g***amn plate than we ever will. Do. Better."

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