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Singer Celine Dion launches gender-neutral clothing line for babies and kids

Singer Celine Dion launched a gender-neutral clothing line for children with designers from nununu. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Canadian singer Celine Dion has launched Célinununu, a gender-neutral children's clothing line.

Dion, 50, partnered with designers Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg from the kids' fashion brand nununu to create the mostly black, white, and gray clothing line that feature skulls, letters, and stars patterns.

"Together, these fierce female forces have created a new children’s clothing brand that breeds equality and freedom of spirit, serving as a platform for a new humanistic education. Célinununu liberates children from the traditional roles of boy/girl and enables younger people to grow on values of equality with the freedom to strengthen their own power of personality based on mutual respect," according to the brand's website.

The line offers tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and blankets for babies and kids.

The website encourages parents to "inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes."

How did Dion introduce the brand?

Dion posted a video on social media Tuesday to introduce her brand. The video shows Dion "getting arrested" and then it flashes back to the scene that led to her arrest.

"Our children — they are not really our children, as we are all just links in a never-ending chain that is life," Dion said as she walked into a hospital nursery. "For us, they are everything but in reality, we are only a fraction of their universe."

Once inside the nursery, newborn babies are shown lying in their beds dressed in pink and blue outfits. On the wall, there's a female symbol on one side and a male symbol on the other.

Next, Dion reached into a black bag that she carried into the nursery and opens a box with magic dust.

She blows the black dust into the air and it magically transforms the infants' clothing from pink and blue to black and white.

What else?

Dion, who's the mother of 8-year-old twin boys and a 17-year-old son, told CNN she has steered away from gender stereotypes with her children.

"The message I'm trying to get across is you raise your children the way you want to raise your children. You have to decide what's right for them. We're just proposing another way to take away the stereotype," she said.

The mother of three was married to her manager René Angélil from 1993 up to his death in January 2016.

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