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Video of Florida cops doing their jobs goes viral—13 million views in less than a week: Here’s why.

A Florida woman catches the moment local police thwart the attempts of many cars to pass a stopped school bus on a busy road. (Image source: Facebook video screenshot)

Incredible video caught Florida police officers pulling over a long line of cars for failing to stop as a school bus was pulled over and picking up children.

The lights on the bus were flashing and its stop sign was out and visible.

Facebook user Monica Douglas caught the moment on video, and uploaded it to Facebook, where it's been viewed more than 13 million times and shared more than 300,000 times since Wednesday.

What are the details?

Douglas stands alongside the road with her friend, Kristen Rieger, and Rieger's 8-year-old daughter daily and witnesses the bevy of vehicles that blow past the school bus stopped at the side of a busy, multi-lane road.

Douglas told WFTS-TV that she regularly records those vehicles that pass the bus, despite the law prohibiting such action.

A spokesperson for the school told the station in a statement that they had been working on "an enforcement plan for U.S. 19" with the sheriff's office.

"Unfortunately, we can’t avoid placing bus stops on busy roads," the statement added.

In Douglas' video, you can hear her shouting wildly with glee as two police cruisers intervene and begin pulling over vehicles in violation.

She can be heard cheering from near the bus and adds, “Hmmmm. Stopped bus. Hi, boys. Hi. Enjoy them. Go get 'em boys. Enjoy those tickets. Woooo! Thank you.”

(Content warning: Rough language):

What else?

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office released a portion of the officer's bodycam footage, which was, perhaps, even more impressive than Douglas' own video.

The officer can be seen exiting the vehicle, which he appeared to park diagonally across the roads, effectively creating a roadblock.

Christmas music can be heard playing from the officer's speakers as he exits the vehicle.

"Pull over!" he tells one car after another. "Park on the side of the road!"

A Facebook post from the Pasco County Sheriff's Office read, "As we have been posting about this morning, IT IS THE LAW to stop for stopped school buses. This is to protect the children who are unloading from the bus. With recent reports of infractions, an Enforcement Action Plan was created for a noted bus stop on US 19."

The post continued, "This body worn camera video from Deputy Justin Smith shows himself and Deputy Ashlyn Reese making several traffic stops yesterday morning as vehicles continued driving past a stopped bus as children were unloading."

"These enforcement actions will continue," the posting warned. "We share this video and the post from earlier today to raise awareness to this issue and help to stop it from occurring any more [sic]."

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