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A 2-year-old accidentally shot his mother in the leg and his father in the head, Maine police said


None of their injuries are considered life-threatening

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Maine police are investigating a bizarre incident where a 2-year-old is said to have picked up a handgun and shot his mother in the leg and his father in the back of his head.

Sagadahoc County Sheriff Joel Merry said the incident occurred at a home in West Bath around 8 a.m. Wednesday before the couple had woken up.

Merry said the child picked up the handgun from a nightstand and shot his parents. The boy was also injured after being struck in the head by the gun from the recoil.

Each parents was struck by the same bullet.

"The question of how the boy was able to pick up and fire the weapon is of great concern and is being investigated. This situation, while disturbing, could have had an even more tragic ending. We are thankful that the injuries were not more serious," Merry said.

All three were transported to a local hospital but none of their injuries are considered life-threatening. They are all expected to fully recover.

Merry said that the couple also had a 3-month-old baby but that the child not at the home at the time of the incident. That child is in the care of its grandmother.

He also cautioned gun-owning parents to take precautions against children having access to guns.

"You're never too young to be able to pick up a handgun and have an accidental discharge," Merry said.

"So you need to take care of firearms, they need to be kept in a secure location, or they need to be protected with a trigger lock," he added.

Gun control advocates used the incident to push for a bill that would make it a crime in Maine for anyone to leave loaded guns around a child that leads to the child firing a gun.

No charges were filed in that incident.

Here's a local news report about the incident:

2-year-old shoots parents inside West Bath home, sheriff says

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