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50 Cent sounds the alarm on Biden's tax hike, says he is moving from NYC to Texas where people can 'hold on to what they're earning'

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Rapper 50 Cent made headlines last October when he slammed Joe Biden for his tax plan that would reportedly usher in high tax rates for Americans who make over $400,000. Marginal rates would jump to 62% in New York City, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.

A month before the 2020 presidential election, 50 Cent endorsed Donald Trump based solely on the taxes rising under Joe Biden. However, 50 Cent retracted his support of Trump after he was walloped with backlash from progressives. Most notably, comedian Chelsea Handler scolded the rapper, and told him that he is not allowed to vote for Trump because he is a black man.

Now, nearly a year later, 50 Cent was asked if he still harbors the same trepidation about Biden's tax plan. The rapper is not only troubled by high taxes, but he has decided to move out of New York City because the taxes are so exorbitant.

On Thursday, 50 Cent appeared on MSNBC's "The Beat with Ari Melber." 50 Cent, whose given name is Curtis Jackson, was asked about why he came out against Biden before the election.

"His tax plan, I didn't realize I would be paying 62% of my income back to the IRS," the "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" rapper told host Ari Melber. "So that does change a lot."

Jackson then discussed how high taxes in New York City would drive out the wealthy.

"New York City will change dramatically," 50 Cent said. "Like, they're going to end up moving to different territories. You look, all of Silicon Valley is now in Austin, Texas. So you will start to see people moving from these places to new places that make sense for them to hold on to what they're earning, not have it just taken from them by the government."

Jackson, a New York City native, revealed that he is moving to Texas.

"I don't like New York City that much. I don't like the people enough to stay," he said. "I will move, Ari. I'm going to Texas. I got me a cowboy hat and everything. And everything is bigger in Texas. It's a really beautiful people. It's nice people in Texas."

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Jackson is just one of the many celebrities who have recently relocated to Texas, including Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, James van der Beek, Adrian Grenier, Debbie Ryan, Parker Posey, and Chris Harrison.

It isn't just the lower taxes in Texas that is enchanting 50 Cent to Austin, the rapper is also drawn to having far more COVID-19 freedoms in the Lone Star State. The rapper-turned-mogul posted a headline from a recent news story where a couple claimed they were told to take off their face masks at a Texas restaurant or be forced to leave the establishment in Rowlett, Texas. The couple were wearing the face masks because their newborn son is immunocompromised.

Jackson posted a screen capture of the article with the caption: "Yo i'm telling you we all gotta just move to Texas. LOL."

In February, 50 Cent was shamed by media outlets and the mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida, for hosting a large Super Bowl party inside a hangar at the Albert Whitted Airport near Tampa.

Mayor Rick Kriseman lashed out at the rapper. "This isn't how we should be celebrating the Super Bowl. It's not safe or smart. It's stupid. We're going to take a very close look at this, and it may end up costing someone a lot more than 50 cent[s]."

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