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7-year-old boy raises $22,000 for the border wall — and then sets an even higher goal


"This is only the beginning..."

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

A 7-year-old boy is being praised by many for raising $22,000 through a hot chocolate stand for the privately funded border wall, and he has set an even higher goal for his fundraising efforts.

Benton Stevens says that he will sell lemonade for the summer, and he hopes to raise $50,000 for the private border wall construction.

He was in attendance at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the first part of the private border wall.

The official Facebook site of the private border wall organizers praised Stevens in a post on Friday.

"We were honored to have him at our ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday for the wall he helped pay for along with all of you who donated," the post read.

"This is only the beginning and we're excited to keep building more to protect our nation and the legal citizens who proudly call American their home!" they concluded.

Stevens made headlines in February when a man pointed at him and his fundraising stand from his car and said that he was a "little Hitler."

"A guy pointed at him," his mother said to KXAN-TV, "and then he said that we didn't like brown people. I don't understand that at all."

The private border wall effort stalled after city officials said the organizers didn't have the proper permits, but construction has commenced again after a brief interlude.

Here's a local news video about Benton:

7-year-old donates $22,000 to help fund section of border wallwww.youtube.com

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