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A vigilante calling himself the 'Stockton Batman' claims he captured a suspect in a double homicide

Image Source: KOVR-TV YouTube video screenshot

A vigilante who refers to himself as the "Stockton Batman" claimed to have captured a murder suspect in a double homicide reported in the city of Lodi, California.

The bizarre story unfolded on Tuesday when two bodies were reportedly found near train tracks in an area between Century Park and Salas Park.

A man calling himself "Bruce Wayne" and the "Stockton Batman" claimed that he saw the two stabbing victims, and that he detained whom he believed to be a suspect in the alleged murders.

A video from a local amateur news outlet called 209 Times — narrated by the vigilante — said that he detained a vagrant who was covered in blood and had injuries to his hand and leg typical of a stabbing attack. He then said that he called police about the man.

KOVR-TV reported that Lodi Police would not confirm whether or not the individual the vigilante detained was a suspect in the case. They only confirmed double homicide investigation was ongoing and asked the public to report any information they might have.

Later, the police allegedly booked a 29-year-old man for murder but they refrained from saying whether that arrest was connected to the double homicide investigation.

KOVR said they attempted to contact Stockton's Batman, but that they received no comment. The man claims to have been involved in helping solve hundreds of crimes.

One resident of the neighborhood said he was stunned because that kind of violence isn't normal in the Lodi area.

"It's really scary because like our community is a really safe community. You don't think about this stuff happening in Lodi," said Miguel Arias to KXTV-TV.

Others in the neighborhood told KXTV that they were growing concerned about an increase of homeless people in the area.

Here's a local news report about the odd incident:

Vigilante Catches Lodi Killer?www.youtube.com

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