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ABC host asks Pence if he prays to God about people who 'have died and will die' over Trump's COVID-19 response


'I ask this not in a political way, but...'

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An ABC anchor asked Vice President Mike Pence last week if he talks to God about people who "have died and will die" over the Trump administration's coronavirus response.

ABC "Nightline" co-host Byron Pitts asked Pence the blunt question during last Wednesday's show.

"I ask this not in a political way, but... When you talk to God in your moments alone, do you find yourself worrying at all that people you represent and care deeply about have died and will die who did not need to because of steps the federal government did not take soon enough?" Pitts asked.

The vice president, however, chose not to answer the offensive question, and instead discussed American unity.

Pence said:

Well, thank you for mentioning that we are talking about one American at a time and I promise you, that's the way President Trump thinks of this, it's the way I think of it. We wanted the American people to see the numbers so that we understand the challenging days that lie ahead, but I want people to know that our future is in your hands, that if every one of us will do and put into practice the Guidelines for America that we can bring those numbers down. I --- I really do believe we'll get through this and we'll come out stronger than ever before.

Pence gives possible COVID-19 timeline, urges everyone to do their part

More than 9,100 Americans have died from coronavirus as of Sunday morning.

Many Democrats and those in the media have attempted to shift blame for the increasing death toll onto the Trump administration, claiming their delayed response is costing American lives.

"As the president fiddles, people are dying," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared last Sunday.

However, it was Pelosi and House Democrats who upheld the coronavirus economic relief package for nearly a week. Meanwhile, Pelosi downplayed the seriousness of COVID-19 in late February, weeks after the president implemented travel restrictions on China.

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