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'Abolish the Senate' trends on social media after Democratic senator's remarks during interview


Oh brother

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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) prompted many on the left to call for "abolishing the Senate" on Monday afternoon following an interview with Fox News.

What are the details?

During the interview, Fox News host Bret Baier asked the West Virginia lawmaker to comment on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's remarks that the Democrats will "change America" if they are able to win two runoff Senate races in the state of Georgia.

Manchin told Baier, "Well, there's a lot of people that are concerned. There's a lot of fear tactics that are being used right now. If both of the Georgia senators were elected from the Democratic Party, then that would be 50-50, if both Dan Sullivan and Thom Tillis win; 50-50 means there's a tie. But if one senator does not vote on the Democratic side, there is no tie and there is no bill.

“So, I commit to you tonight and I commit to all of your viewers and everyone else that's watching, I want to lay those fears, I want to rest those fears for you right now, because, when they talk about whether it be packing the courts or ending the filibuster, I will not vote to do that," Manchin added. “I will not vote to pack the courts. I think — and I will not vote to end the filibuster. Bret, this system, the Senate, this so unique body in the world, it was made to work together in a bipartisan way. And once you start breaking down those barriers, then you lose every reason that we are the institution that we are, the most deliberative body."

Manchin added that he will simply not be the "50th Democrat" voting to end that filibuster.

“So, I want to lay those fears to rest, that that won't happen, because I will not be the 50th Democrat voting to end that filibuster or to basically stack the court," he insisted. “And then all the other things you're hearing about, Bret, also, is — defund the police. I don't know of any of the Democrats in the caucus that are for defunding the police. We are not for that whatsoever. And when they talk about basically Medicare for All, we can't even pay for Medicare for some. It doesn't make any sense at all. We have got to fix the Affordable Care Act we have. And I think our Republican — moderate Republicans will work with us to now repair what needs to be repaired."

Joe Manchin commits to breaking with Democrats over key progressive issues

What happened then?

Following the Senate Democrat's remarks, leftists on social media took to Twitter to call for abolishing of the Senate, prompting the notion to begin trending on the platform.

As reported by The Daily Wire, those calling for abolishing the Senate included filmmaker Samuel Black, journalists Gary Legum, Bob Chipman, Jennifer Rubin, Russ Bengtson, and Jessica Mason Pieklo.

Manchin later took to Twitter to clarify his Fox News interview remarks, writing, "Let me be clear: I will not vote to pack the courts & I will not vote to end the filibuster. The U.S. Senate is the most deliberative body in the world. It was made so that we work together in a bipartisan way. If you get rid of the filibuster, there's no reason to have a Senate."

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