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Activist throws menstrual blood on California lawmakers amid protest over new vaccination laws


The state's Senate chamber had to be evacuated

Image source: Screenshot of video taken by Dustin Gardiner of the San Francisco Chronicle

The California state Senate was evacuated on Friday, after a protestor in the chamber threw a red liquid — reportedly menstrual blood — onto several lawmakers. The identity of the alleged perpetrator has not been released, but the incident occurred while hundreds of protestors descended on Sacramento to demonstrate against new laws cracking down on vaccine exemptions.

What are the details?

Protestors were reportedly watching the Senate from the upstairs balcony when a woman threw the liquid while yelling at lawmakers. Sen. Scott Weiner (D) wrote on Twitter, "A few minutes ago, the anti-vaxxer stalkers — who've engaged in harassment campaign all week — dropped a red substance onto the Senate floor from the elevated public gallery, dousing several of my colleagues. The person who committed this assault screamed it was baby blood."

Weiner added, "These anti-vaxxers are engaging in criminal behavior. They've now repeatedly assaulted Senators & are engaging in harassing & intimidating behavior every single day, as we try to do the people's work. They're a cancer on the body politic & are attacking democracy."

The Sacramento Bee quoted Sen. Steve Glazer (D) as tweeting out, "Senators Galgiani, Hurtado, Skinner, Mitchell, Rubio and me were all hit by red liquid thrown from the Senate gallery. I'm told the person has been arrested. Senate in recess."

The Senate chambers were evacuated to allow law enforcement to investigate. The California Highway Patrol told Politico the substance was menstrual blood, which was what the activist claimed. The suspect was arrested.

According to KRON-TV, Friday is the tenth day of protests prompted by legislation recently signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsome, which grants the government the authority to monitor individual doctors and schools regarding vaccination exemptions.

If a physician writes more than five vaccination exemptions in a year, it will prompt an investigation by public health officials. Likewise, any school found to have a vaccination rate lower than 95 percent will be flagged.

Republican Whip Devon Mathis supports the protestors, but told KRON before the Senate debacle, "I encourage them to peacefully protest, that's the only option we have left. When government overreaches, this is what we see happen, we see the people rise up, when balances of power are out of balance, this is what we get."

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