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Actress gathers group that publicly attacks man accused of kicking, choking, rib-breaking attack on small dog

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Actress Jena Malone, famed for her role in "The Hunger Games" franchise and other features, was instrumental in rescuing a horribly abused dog from a heartless suspect who was seen beating and kicking the dog on a Hollywood street.

What are the details?

Malone shared the story to her Twitter page on Wednesday, recounting how she saw a suspect kicking and choking the small leashed dog.

Malone said that she screamed at him from her car, and when he refused to stop beating the dog, she left her vehicle and began chasing him on foot in order to save the dog.

"I pulled over and started chasing him," Malone said. "Because it's absolutely not OK."

The actress was able to gather at least five men who helped her in her pursuit of the suspect and the dog.

As the men caught up with the suspect, Malone grabbed her car and was able to grab the dog, who had since freed itself from the suspect's clutches, and removed herself from the fracas because she had "no business trying to restrain a full grown man."

Video obtained by KNBC-TV showed a group of men hitting the suspect in an attempt to subdue him before authorities could arrive on the scene.

KNBC reported that the Los Angeles Police Department detained and arrested the suspect — who remains unnamed at the time of this reporting — for suspected animal cruelty.

Those in the group who attacked and detained the suspect have not been charged.

“I’m sorry that it ended in a brawl but the dog was going to die,” Malone added on Twitter. “No question.”

A deeper look

The dog, a 6-year-old maltipoo named Champ, had been missing for at least two weeks before its fateful encounter with the suspect.

Owner Kelly McKinney, 50, said that it was her son who stole the dog and reportedly abused it.

According to the Washington Post, "McKinney ... runs a nonprofit donation center in South Los Angeles. About 2 1/2 weeks ago, she left Champ and his brother, Junebug, at the center while she picked up food donations from several grocery stores. Earlier, her son had been asking to see Champ, but McKinney would not allow it because she and her son had not been getting along. When McKinney returned from her errands, Champ was gone. She suspected hr son had taken him."

The dog, she said, suffered broken ribs, a variety of fractures, and a broken hind leg in connection with the attack.

On Tuesday, McKinney received a call from a local shelter saying that the dog was found injured but was safe — and then learned about what her son was seen doing.

“I almost passed out,” she admitted. “Everything that was in me ... went to the gates of heaven and came back.”

McKinney added that she isn't even mad that her son met his very public fate at the hands of strangers.

“The last thing I thought he would do is put his hands on that dog,” McKinney said. “Champ is helpless and every bit of 12 pounds. How do you do that to him?”

A GoFundMe page designed to help defer the cost of Champ's medical bills has received more than $8,000 at the time of this reporting.

Group Of Bystanders In Los Angeles Beat Man For Allegedly Abusing Dog www.youtube.com

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