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ADL omits transvestite's massacre of Nashville Christians from its report on extremist-related murders
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ADL omits transvestite's massacre of Nashville Christians from its report on extremist-related murders

The Anti-Defamation League made abundantly clear this week that it won't let reality get in the way of its preferred political narrative. The New York-based leftist group's annual report on murder and extremism claims that all of the "extremist-related murders" in the U.S. last year "were tied to right-wing extremism."

This claim caught the eye of one critic who could think of an example of extremism that proved the assessment wanting: the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

When pressed on why it overlooked a radical transvestite's March 2023 massacre of Christians — whose "white privilege" was factored into their targeting — as an instance of extremism, the ADL cited a lack of evidence.

The ADL report

The ADL routinely downplays the threat of leftist and Islamist violence whilst hyping the supposed dangers of right-wing extremism. The group showed no signs of a course correction in its new "Murder and Extremism in the United States" report.

The leftist group claimed, for example, that "no police officers or corrections officers were killed by extremists this past year," apparently overlooking Mohamad Barakat's July 14, 2023, ambush of North Dakota police officers. Days after looking up an article online about the American assassination of an ISIS terrorist, Barakat, a self-described Muslim from Syria who recently became a U.S. citizen, opened fire on three officers, killing Fargo Police Officer Jake Wallin.

Extremist violence against police was apparently not the ADL's only blind spot.

The report claims, "All the extremist-related murders in 2023 were committed by right-wing extremists of various kinds, with 15 of the 17 killings involving perpetrators or accomplices with white supremacist connections."

The ADL defines "right-wing extremism" thusly: "right-wing political, social and religious movements that exist outside of and are more radical than mainstream conservatism."

"This is the second year in a row that right-wing extremists have been connected to all identified extremist-related killings," said the report.

The ADL did not bother to count the Covenant School shooting.

Turning a blind eye to likely leftist extremism

A 28-year-old transvestite stormed a Presbyterian elementary school on March 27, 2023, armed with a rifle, a pistol, and a handgun.

The male-identifying woman murdered three children and three staff members at the Covenant School before police could put her down with four well-placed shots. Her victims were Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9; Hallie Scruggs, 9; William Kinney, 9; Katherine Koonce, 60; Cynthia Peak, 61; and Mike Hill, 61.

The shooter left behind what Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake characterized as a "manifesto."

The Daily Signal's Tyler O'Neil noted that leaked elements of the shooter's manifesto, which police confirmed were legitimate, made clear that the killer transvestite was operating on the basis of the same kinds of anti-white hatred the radical left regularly traffics in.

"Kill those kids!!! Those crackers Going to private fancy schools with those fancy khakis and sports backpacks with their daddies mustangs and convertibles. F— you little sh—s," wrote the female shooter. "I wish to shoot your weak ass d—s with your mop yellow hair, wanna kill all you little crackers!!! Bunch of little f***ots with your white privileges. F— you f***ots."

O'Neil suggested the shooter's remarks aligned with the "left's ideological talking points on 'white privilege' and reveal[ed] a disdain for others based on the skin color."

"This hatred of white people echoes the Marxist claim that America is institutionally racist, so justice demands stripping whites of their 'privilege' and elevating racial minorities rather than securing a level playing field for all races," wrote O'Neil.

The Daily Signal asked the ADL about its decision to omit the transvestite's massacre from its list of extremist incidents and was told the Covenant School shooting does not show "clear evidence of extremism."

"The case of Hale does not appear in the report, as we did not find clear evidence of extremism," an ADL spokesman told the Signal.

"Hale left some writings, not released by police, that they described as lacking any specific political or social issues," added the spokesman. "Three pages of a document were later leaked that contained hateful epithets directed at white and LGBTQ+ people, which did not provide evidence of any particular extremist ideology, but rather primarily resentment and grievance at students from the shooter's former school perceived to be better off than the shooter was."

The ADL spokesman suggested that its assessment might change if "additional information comes to light."

"If additional evidence is subsequently revealed for a specific murder that confirms an extremist tie, such a murder would be added to the statistics at that time," continued the spokesman. "Our statistics are regularly updated to include new findings."

The ADL previously made reference to the Covenant School shooting when it suited the organization's preferred narrative.

In the aftermath of the massacre last year, the ADL raised the alarm — about "anti-transgender rhetoric" on 4chan and .win forums. The leftist grrup warned that "this sort of hate doesn't just stay online. It can inspire offline violence."

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