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Alan Dershowitz blasts ‘anti-American’ Rep. Ilhan Omar for her anti-Israel, anti-Semitic remarks


He didn't hold back at all


Note: A previous version of this post described Dershowitz as a "Fox News contributor." He regularly contributes to many different media outlets.

Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law professor emeritus, tore Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minn.) to shreds over remarks she has made about Israel.

Dershowitz, who is frequent contributor to media outlets like Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and more, made the remarks during a Monday appearance on Fox News.

What are the details?

Omar stands accused of making continual anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks, and has insisted that Jewish people have an undesirable amount of sway over Congress. She also said that Jewish legislators have a misplaced allegiance to Israel, and not to the United States.

During his Fox appearance, Dershowitz called for voters to ensure Omar's failure in the next election.

"The Democrats must marginalize her and distance her from the center of the party," Dershowitz said on Fox. "I hope she'll be primaried, and she should be beaten in a primary by people who support the United States, and people who support American allies, rather than people who support American enemies."

The famed professor also added that Omar is simply anti-American.

"She is very anti-American," he said. "Put aside the anti-Israel. She is also anti-American. She accuses American members of Congress, men and women, Jewish, Christian, she accuses them of doing it for the money."

Omar issued an apology over the controversial remarks, which both parties condemned, but she continued her attacks over the weekend.

"For her to accuse Jewish members of Congress and non-Jewish members of Congress of dual loyalty because they support America's allies ... would you accuse somebody of dual loyalty if they supported England, if they supported France and other American allies?" Dershowitz asked.

Dershowitz also noted that he believes Omar is a hypocrite.

"This is a bait and switch," the professor insisted. "She has gotten in Congress now and she has taken it on herself to present the strongest anti-Israel case in modern history that any member of Congress has ever tried to present. And she is being rebuffed, except by the radicals in the Democratic Party who are jumping to her support."

He added, "She told her constituents when she ran that she would support America, and she is not. She is supporting America's enemies and undercutting American values."

What else?

Elsewhere in his fiery remarks, Dershowitz added that the Somalia-born lawmaker should look at where her own loyalty lies.

He said that Omar needs to say to herself, "My god, I'm accusing people of dual loyalties. Where are my loyalties? Are my loyalties to America, or are my loyalties to the Palestinian Authority, to Hamas, to Hezbollah?"

You can read more on the background of Omar's allegations and remarks here.

Alan Dershowitz Tears Rep. Omar to Pieces Over Anti-Semitism www.youtube.com

(H/T: The Washington Examiner)

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