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Video: Amazon delivery driver shouts with joy and starts doing his happy dance after finding free snacks and a heartfelt message on the doorstep


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Image Source: Facebook

Doorstep video captured the moment an Amazon delivery driver shouted with joy and broke into dancing after he found free snacks and a heartfelt note at the doorstep of one of his delivery stops.

In the video, the driver approaches the door to drop off a package, when he discovers the basket of snacks and the note.

"Oh, this is nice!" he exclaims."Oh, they got some goodies!

"Oh, this is sweet! Oh, wow. Get out of here! This is sweet! Well, this is so nice!" the driver continues to say in such pure elation it is sure to crack a smile on any viewer's face.

The homeowner, Kathy Ouma, posted the videos on her Facebook page with the caption: "THIS! Made my day! I leave goodies out every year. Middletown, Delaware."

Later, she updated the post saying, "The driver is Karim Earl Reed III — You are bringing millions of people joy!"

The video, which was posted Monday, now has more than 6 million views on Facebook.

Ouma's note, addressed to UPS, USPS, Amazon, and Fedex, said: "Please take some goodies to enjoy on your route. Thank you for making holiday shopping easy."

A Business Insider article on the video notes that leaving snacks on the doorstep for delivery drivers is becoming an increasingly common practice, especially around the holiday season, when drivers can deliver as many as 150-400 packages daily.

Sometimes drivers may not have time to stop for a snack on their own and would certainly appreciate the kind gesture.

One thing is for sure, delivery driver Karim Reed certainly did.

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