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Amid supply chain crisis, GOP must explain what the Biden administration 'grinches' did to wreck Christmas, memo says

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As American consumers suffer the consequences of the supply chain crisis, Republicans have the task of explaining what the "grinches" at the White House did to wreck Christmas, according to a memo.

The memo to the Republican Study Committee from committee Chairman Jim Banks (R-Ind.) blames the Biden administration for the crisis.

The document declares that "it's more than fair to say that Joe Biden has caused the current supply chain crisis. It's our job—even our duty—to explain to the American people who is at fault for the skyrocketing cost of living. Only when the current administration feels the stinging pain of tanking public opinion will they be spurred to abandon their far left and economically devastating agenda."

"The Biden administration caused it. And our job as Republicans is to explain to the American people what the grinches at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave did to ruin Christmas," the memo declares.

While the memo suggests that the Biden administration will alter its agenda once public opinion plummets, President Biden's job approval rating is already underwater, according to the RealClearPolitics poll average.

"Biden's economic policies have affected the availability of truckers, port workers and other personnel essential to our supply chains: Paying people to stay at home, vaccine mandates, and other COVID restrictions have kept individuals from rejoining the workforce," the memo says.

"The cost of shipping rises as the burden of regulations and fuel prices increase," the document notes, pointing to factors such as the Biden administration's action that killed the Keystone XL Pipeline project and its move to rejoin the Paris Agreement.

The memo also pointed toward inflation, as well as U.S. weakness toward, and dependency on, the nation of China.

"By indiscriminately pumping money into the economy, Biden's spurring inflation which, in turn, is spurring the supply chain crisis: The rational consumer response to 5.4% annual inflation is to spend their rapidly devaluing currency, and that increases pressure on our supply chains and further increases inflation," the memo states.

"Biden's soft China policies give them permission to take advantage of us: We're still dependent on Chinese manufacturing, so when the power goes out in China, Christmas is cancelled in America," it reads.

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