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Woman who called police on black man in viral Central Park video charged with making a false report


'How many lives are we going to destroy?'

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Amy Cooper, the white woman who was recorded calling the police on a black man in Central Park over a disagreement about her dog is being charged for filing a false report.

The video captured by Chris Cooper, who is not related to her, quickly went viral, as many saw it as an example of discrimination against African-Americans.

Chris Cooper said that he was in the park for bird-watching and got into an argument with Amy Cooper because she didn't have her dog on a leash, which is required in that section of the park. She responded by calling the police and telling them that an African-American man was threatening her and her dog.

When police arrived, no one was cited, and both parties went on their ways.

The Manhattan district attorney announced on Monday that Amy Cooper would face misdemeanor charges for filing a false report against the bird-watcher.

In the wake of the controversy, Amy Cooper lost her job and voluntarily gave back her dog to a rescue organization from which she obtained it.

"How many lives are we going to destroy?"

Her attorney, Robert Barnes, criticized the charge and blamed "cancel culture" for the controversy.

"Once all the facts are known, Amy Cooper will be found not guilty of the single, misdemeanor charge filed in this case," Barnes said, according to WABC-TV.

"The rush to judgment by some in the public, in this cancel culture epidemic, will be proven as wrong as cancel culture itself," he added. "She lost her job, her home, and her public life. Now some demand she lose her freedom? How many lives are we going to destroy over misunderstood 60-second videos on social media?"

Amy Cooper could face up to a year in jail for the charge if she's found guilty.

Here's a local news report about the charges:

Amy Cooper, Woman In Viral Central Park Confrontation, Charged With Filing A False Report

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