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Anaheim woman sentenced to 15 years in prison for torturing 10-year-old stepdaughter
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Anaheim woman sentenced to 15 years in prison for torturing 10-year-old stepdaughter

A woman in Anaheim was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison for torturing her stepdaughter and abusing three other children who were living in the home.

Mayra Chavez, 33, was given seven years to life in prison on Friday, with another seven years and 10 months for diabolically torturing her 10-year-old stepdaughter. She was also found guilty of abusing three other children living in the home, including a second stepdaughter and two of her own children, according to KTLA.

According to court documents, the 10-year-old stepdaughter was discovered with a "broken neck, bone sticking out of an unhealed sore, and bruises from head to toe as a result of months of increasingly humiliating and brutal cruelty."

When the girl was found, the authorities said she only weighed 50 pounds and was unresponsive. She was subsequently taken to the Children's Hospital of Orange County in August 2022. The girl's father, Domingo Junior Flores, who took her to the hospital, claimed that the girl had hurt herself after she fell down a flight of stairs.

As the emergency room personnel worked to revive the girl, Flores and Chavez were arrested by the Anaheim Police Department. When the authorities searched the home where the girl was kept, they discovered a number of zip ties throughout the home.

Hospital staff responsible for the girl were said to have been reduced to tears at the sight of her. Blaze News previously reported on the case, noting that "the school closures that California teachers' unions insisted on during the pandemic evidently did far more than adversely impact students' mental health and academics."

Due to schools being closed down, Chavez was able to carry out the horrific torture of the girl while hiding from the outside world, according to Deputy District Attorney Bethel Cope-Vega.

"She found ways to up the ante," Cope-Vega said. "She sat around thinking about new ways to torture."

The Orange County Register reported that during the trial, it was noted that the girl was forced to kneel on raw rice and tin cans while holding weights over her head. And she was only allowed to eat oatmeal while facing a wall.

Prosecutors also said that Chavez jammed hot peppers into the little girl's vagina and eyes; paddled the girl's genitals; forced her to take ice baths while bound; bound her to a bed; and zip-tied her to a television stand without a blanket.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said that he intended to launch a review of the systemic failures that allowed for the girl's torture.

“This methodical and diabolical torture of children was normalized in this household to the point that these children thought it was their fault that they were being abused,” Spitzer said.

“The system failed this little girl. The system failed her siblings. Help was on the other side of the door, but over and over again, help didn’t come for this little girl until it was almost too late. Despite all of the horror these children had to endure and the darkness that they were forced to live in, they are the true personification that good will always overpower evil and that light will eradicate darkness. We will get to the bottom of how this happened and what can be done to prevent another child from suffering the fate of what these children suffered at the hands of the very people who were supposed to protect them.”

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