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Anti-Trump comedian literally begs Trump rally attendee to wear mask — and gets skewered for apparent stunt


'Please, I'm begging you, please'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @TheGoodLiars

A comedy duo known for targeting conservatives, Republicans, and President Donald Trump posted a video showing one of its members begging — like down-on-his-knees-clasping-his-hands begging — an attendee to wear a mask at the Trump rally Saturday in Georgia.

What happened?

Jason Selvig of The Good Liars picked out a passing group and asked, "You guys got masks?"

"Nope," a maskless man replied. "Don't want one."

"Why not?" Selvig asked.

"Because I don't need it," the man answered. "Why? You need it?"

"Yeah," Selvig said. "You should wear one because there's a global pandemic going on."

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @TheGoodLiars

"Is there?" the man answered. "Well, you got yours."

"I got mine on, yeah, I'm trying to be safe," Selvig explained.

"Good! OK, thanks," the smiling man said, attempting to exit the odd exchange.

"But you could infect somebody else, and they could get sick," Selvig pressed.

"Why don't you leave him alone?" another man interjected from behind.

But Selvig kept on keeping on.

"Will you please wear one?" he asked as he got down on his knees.

"Excuse me?" the main asked, dumbfounded.

"Will you please wear a mask?" Selvig repeated.

"No," the man replied.

"Please," the comedian kept on, now with his hands clasped together.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @TheGoodLiars

"Nope!" the man answered again.

"For the sake of other people, please wear one," Selvig implored. "Please, I'm begging you, please."

"No," the man replied as he finally walked away.

Here's the clip:

The duo's tweeted reaction to it all read, "Losers (of presidential elections and otherwise) don't like wearing masks."

This Good Liars posted other items to Twitter in relation to their Trump rally visit that more than reveal where they stand politically:

How did folks react?

As you might guess, the Good Liars have plenty of fans on Twitter — but not every commenter reacted positively to their mask-wearing video.

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire mocked the clip: "Yes because if I was really concerned about a virus the first thing I'd do is go to a rally to make TikTok videos."

Conservative commentator Graham Allen shot back at the Good Liars, too: "Let people do what they want. It's called freedom."

Anything else?

It was far from the first time the duo made headlines for themselves. In 2018, they publicly harassed "Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade on a New York City subway train — but soon removed the video following a barrage of criticism.

This story has been updated. We could not verify information contained in the screenshot of a tweet. That screenshot has been removed.

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