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Antifa accidentally beats up fellow campus occupier during confusing incident
Julio Rosas/Blaze Media

Antifa accidentally beats up fellow campus occupier during confusing incident

SEATTLE, Wash. — In a case of not-so-friendly fire, some members of the radical far-left group Antifa started to beat up and harass a fellow campus occupier at the University of Washington during the pro-Israel march that took place on Sunday.

It started when one of the Antifa hooligans stole an American flag from Ari Hoffman, an outspoken Jewish conservative who is a Seattle radio host and who spoke at the pro-Israel rally moments before.

Hoffman and few other Jewish protesters were walking by one of the entrances to the encampment, which was barricaded and guarded by Antifa, when the flag was stolen. The Antifa member ran behind a set of porta-potties and barricades the school had provided.

In the moment of chaos, other Antifa members who were outside the zone also started to run toward the scene to provide backup to their "comrades." At that point, someone had entered whom Antifa did not recognize. The blacked-out radicals started to beat and shove the man out of the zone, thinking he was with Hoffman's crew.

The disoriented man started to yell, "Friendly, friendly!"

After a few moments, Antifa realized their mistake and let him go.

The campus police who were following Hoffman's team told Hoffman to leave the area to avoid any further confrontation, to which Hoffman said they were not the problem and had done nothing to cause the incident.

That was not the only case where a flag was stolen from the pro-Israeli side. In another case, a flag was stolen from a Marine Corps veteran, and Antifa sprayed the crowd with an unknown substance.

An Israeli flag was set on fire by the UW camp occupiers.

It does not appear that the UW encampment will go anywhere any time soon. The school is determined to end the occupation through negotiations. While most colleges have ended their spring semester or are about to, UW's school year does not end until early June, giving anti-Israel protesters ample time to stay in the quad.

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Julio Rosas

Julio Rosas

Julio Rosas is Blaze Media's National Correspondent.

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