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AOC rants about billionaires, then Elon Musk dismantles the congresswoman with her own words

Christ Chavez/Britta Pedersen-Pool/Getty Images

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) bellyached about billionaires in several Twitter posts on Friday, but went silent after Elon Musk used the Democratic congresswoman's own words against her.

AOC wrote on Twitter, "Billionaires be like 'the extreme far left is taking over' when the 'extreme far left' in the US is 'medicine shouldn’t bankrupt you,' 'wages should cover rent,' & 'maybe it’s bad that Wall St companies profit off mass surveillance, manufactured housing crises, and caging people.'"

"The number of billionaires in the US couldn’t even fill an apartment building, but the number of people they negatively impact is only growing," the democratic socialist wrote. "All the US billionaire votes combined couldn’t even come in 2nd for an NY city council election. That’s why they stay pressed."

"Tired of having to collectively stress about what explosion of hate crimes is happening bc some billionaire with an ego problem unilaterally controls a massive communication platform and skews it because Tucker Carlson or Peter Thiel took him to dinner and made him feel special," AOC ranted.

AOC did not name any billionaires by name, but some of her remarks could have been alluding to Musk since he recently railed against the far left and progressives.

Musk tweeted on Friday, "The far left hates everyone, themselves included! But I’m no fan of the far right either. Let’s have less hate and more love."

On Thursday, Musk shared a cartoon on how he is a liberal, but progressives have gone so far to the left that it makes him appear to be conservative.

Musk fired back at AOC's vague attacks by weaponizing the congresswoman's own words against her.

Musk simply replied, "Stop hitting on me, I'm really shy."

Musk's trolling comment references AOC's defense when she was called out for hypocritically vacationing maskless in mandate-free Florida while pushing COVID-19 restrictions in New York.

"If Republicans are mad they can’t date me they can just say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet. Ya creepy weirdos," Ocasio-Cortez deflected in January,

"It’s starting to get old ignoring the very obvious, strange, and deranged sexual frustrations that underpin the Republican fixation on me, women, & LGBT+ people in general," AOC dodged the criticism. "These people clearly need therapy, won’t do it, and use politics as their outlet instead. It’s really weird."

AOC reportedly responded to Musk, "I was talking about Zuckerberg but ok." However, the reply has been deleted.

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