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Man reportedly breaks into a home — and squares off with angry, gun-wielding granny who doesn’t bat an eye in defending her family


'Annie Get Your Gun' indeed


An Arizona grandmother came to the rescue of her family after a suspect broke into her home Thursday evening.

What are the details?

The grandmother and her family — including her husband, children, and grandchildren — were settling in for the evening when a knock came at the door of her Cordes Lakes home.

The grandmother went to answer the door and found the suspect, 42-year-old Gregory Hardy, had already entered the home.

Hardy reportedly demanded money from the grandmother upon spotting her inside the home. Hardy approached the woman and grabbed her by her arms when she refused to hand over any money. The woman's husband, upon hearing a scuffle in the next room, entered and engaged the suspect. While her husband distracted the suspect, the woman was able to sneak off to another room in the house and arm herself with a handgun.

When the woman returned to the room, she pointed her weapon at Hardy and demanded he leave. He disregarded her warning and began walking toward her instead. The woman fired off several rounds, striking the suspect at least once, according to police. Struck, Hardy made off to a waiting vehicle that was parked outside of the house. Police located the suspect shortly thereafter at a home where he had collapsed.

After transporting him to a local hospital, police charged Hardy with several crimes including robbery, criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct, and burglary.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

What else?

On Saturday, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office posted a Facebook update about the incident.

A portion of the Facebook post revealed that the woman's young grandchildren attempted to enter the room during the scuffle.

"At the time of the confrontation, the woman's grandchildren, ages 3, 5, and 12, along with their parents, were also in the home. At one point during the confrontation, the grandchildren attempted to enter the front room after hearing the commotion but were directed to stay away as the woman and her husband continued their attempts to get Hardy to leave," the post read.

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