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Three-year-old saved from stray bullet by baby shark toy


The toddler's mother says God protected her.

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Millions have been annoyed by the "baby shark" song that has taken the world by storm, but one child was saved from a stray bullet that struck a toy inspired by the song.

The child's mother Tanice said ran into her daughter's room after hearing multiple gunshots outside of her home.

She only wants to be identified by her first name in order to maintain her anonymity for safety reasons.

She said that she scooped up the child and took her into the bathroom.

After the shooting she saw that one bullet had hit her toy.

"If the bullet would've came a couple more inches," said Tanice, "it could've targeted her."

Police say they discovered more than 40 shell casings near her home in Madison. They believe one bullet hit the gutter outside her home and ricocheted into the child's second floor room.

There it lodged in her "baby shark" toy.

"You see how big this hole is? Like — That's a big hole," Tanice said of the bullet hole in the toy.

She believes divine intervention was involved in the alarming incident.

"It was really God," Tanice said. "He really had my baby wrapped."

Police are still investigating the shooting.

Here's a local news video about the baby shark save:

Baby Shark toy stops bullet, likely saves sleeping toddler's life

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