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Cleveland Browns quarterback lashes out at NFL over coronavirus protocols: 'Make up your damn mind'

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Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield lashed out at the NFL over the league's coronavirus protocols after 19 players were placed on the COVID-19 list ahead of important games that will determine their standing in the playoffs.

Mayfield fired off a series of tweets criticizing the coronavirus protocols that might sideline many key players on the team, including himself.

"@NFL Make up your damn mind on protocols. Showing up and making only 3 teams test?!? All so you can keep the game as scheduled to make money," Mayfield tweeted on Thursday.

"Actually caring about player safety would mean delaying the game with this continuing at the rate it is…. But to say you won’t test vaccinated players if they don’t have symptoms, then to pull this randomly. Doesn’t make any sense to me," he added in a second tweet.

Mayfield will miss the Browns' game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, but the team will be forced to play its third-string quarterback after his backup Case Keenum also landed on the COVID-19 list.

"Tell me if this makes sense…. No tests this morning… then let our team gather for practice… then show up after practice to test them," Mayfield continued in a third tweet. "Something seems off here."

The NFL is facing a challenging outbreak of coronavirus among players in the 15th week of the 2021 season. In addition to the players from the Browns on the COVID-19 list, the Chicago Bears had 10 players on the list and the Washington Football Team had 20 players on the list.

There are about 75 players who've received positive coronavirus tests over the last two days, compared to about 110 player positives in the entire three months of the season prior to the outbreak.

The Browns have a 7-6 record and are one game behind the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC North conference.

Here's more about Mayfield's objections:

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