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Barbara Streisand shares cartoon that depicts Nancy Pelosi's stiletto-shoe impaling President Trump


'Hoping the Secret Service is knocking at your door'

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DGA

Legendary singer Barbara Streisand shared a cartoon on Saturday that depicted violence against President Donald Trump.

The cartoon depicts a stiletto high-heel shoe worn by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi impaling and killing the president. Streisand did not share a message with the cartoon.

While Streisand did not share a message with the cartoon, she referred to Trump as the "moron-in-chief" in a separate tweet just minutes prior. She also shared articles advocating the president's impeachment.

The cartoon is by artist Andy Marlette and was published in the Pensacola News Journal earlier this year, the Washington Examiner reported. The cartoon that Streisand shared is a zoomed in version of the original.

In response, social media users rebuked Streisand, while others tagged the Secret Service and called for the agency to investigate.

"Hoping the Secret Service is knocking at your door," one person responded.

"So sick — not in a good way," another person responded.

Streisand shared the cartoon the same week that the mainstream media generated controversy over a video showed during a political conference hosted at a Trump property earlier this month that depicted violence against the media and Trump's political adversaries.

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