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Bernie Sanders campaign faces criticism for hiding news of his heart attack for two days


"inexcusable three days of silence..."


The presidential campaign for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is facing criticism after divulging on Friday that he had been hospitalized for suffering a heart attack on Wednesday.

Sanders posted a video thanking his supporters after leaving the Las Vegas hospital where he had received treatment.

But some are questioning why it took so long to divulge that he had suffered a heart attack.

"Relieved that @BernieSanders is heading home from the Las Vegas hospital after stents inserted to remove arterial blockage," tweeted MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell.

"Wishing him well but campaign should have acknowledged his sooner that 78 year old oldest candidate and leading fundraiser did have a heart attack," she concluded.

"The campaign's inexcusable three days of silence exacerbated what is already a devastating development for his bid," responded Ron Fournier.

Others defended Sanders from the criticism.

"Boo f**king hoo, Bernie Sanders' campaign waited a few days to reveal the full extent of his health scare. There's really outrage about this?" tweeted Emma Vigeland, correspondent for progressive YouTube channel "The Young Turks."

"As if Sanders and his staff didn't have bigger things to worry about? As if every other campaign wouldn't do the exact same thing?" she concluded.

Sanders indicated he would continue campaigning after the health incident.

"Hello everybody!" tweeted Sanders. "We're in Las Vegas. I'm feeling so much better. Thank you for all of the love and warm wishes that you sent me. See you soon on the campaign trail."

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