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As gas prices remain at record highs, Biden creates new office of 'environmental justice'

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

The Biden administration announced Tuesday the creation of a new government office to address so-called "environmental justice."

What are the details?

The Department of Health and Human Services announced the creation of the Office of Environmental Justice.

The mission of the new governmental office is to "better protect the health of disadvantaged communities and vulnerable populations on the frontlines of pollution and other environmental health issues."

The office will reside within the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity, which President Joe Biden established last year.

Specifically, the office will:

  • Help "integrate environmental justice into the HHS mission";
  • Assist in building an "environmental justice workforce";
  • Help develop and implement "an HHS-wide strategy on environmental justice and health."

In a statement, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said the new social justice initiative is necessary because of environmental impacts on vulnerable communities.

"The blunt truth is that many communities across our nation — particularly low-income communities and communities of color — continue to bear the brunt of pollution from industrial development, poor land use decisions, transportation, and trade corridors," Becerra said. "Meeting the needs of these communities requires our focused attention. That’s why HHS is establishing the Office of Environmental Justice."

Last year, the Justice Department also established an Office of Environmental Justice.

What is the context?

The announcement was made on the same day a devastating NBC News report detailed the internal chaos that is sinking Biden's presidency.

Every poll shows that Americans are most concerned about the economy, especially as gas prices remain at record highs and inflation devalues the purchasing power of every American dollar. The NBC report made clear that Biden is very aware of the polls. One source even told NBC that Biden is "really twisted" that he is polling lower than former President Donald Trump.

Perhaps if the Biden administration focused on growing the economy, lowering inflation, and working to lower gas prices, as opposed to establishing more government offices and blaming Russia for domestic problems, then Democrats' standing would improve with American voters.

Unfortunately, the White House continues to blame Russia.

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