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NYT data reveals presidential choice by voters' first names. Biden dominates among Karens.
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NYT data reveals presidential choice by voters' first names. Biden dominates among Karens.

Surprising no one

New data shows that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has taken a significant lead among women with the nation's most memed name: Karen.

Over the last several months, perhaps no everyday name has been subject to scorn, mockery, and ridicule more than "Karen." It has become the label for white women who are perceived to be entitled and overly demanding, do not understand their alleged privilege, and have disregard for the well-being of others.

If women named "Karen" actually fit the stereotype, it's likely that the liberal media would assume they were supporters of President Donald Trump — and would certainly trumpet the pro-Trump "Karen" vote if it existed.

Interestingly, according to New York Times' compilation of survey data over the last couple of months, of the 20 most common names names in America (top 10 women, top 10 men), Karens are the most likely to support the Democratic nominee: 60% for Biden, 40% for Trump.

Of course, as the Times noted, Karens are real and not a meme.

This is an "age thing," as the Times said. "Karens," the paper reported, "are a cross section of women ages 40 and up. The name entered the top 20 in 1941 and stayed there through 1971."

Laura Wattenberg, the author of “The Baby Name Wizard," told the Times, "If you're losing Karens, you're losing women."

Top 20 names and who they're voting for

Below are the 10 most common women's names and 10 most common men's names and the vote preferences of each based on polls of more than 17,000 voters in 18 battleground states since September, as reported by the New York Times:

  • Richard: Trump 64%; Biden 36%
  • Thomas: Trump 61%; Biden 39%
  • William: Trump 58%; Biden 42%
  • Nancy: Trump 57%; Biden 43%
  • Michael: Trump 56%; Biden 44%
  • Robert: Trump 56%; Biden 44%
  • James: Trump 56%; Biden 44%
  • Jennifer: Trump 56%; Biden 44%
  • John: Trump 53%; Biden 47%
  • David: Trump 51%; Biden 49%
  • Linda: Trump 51%; Biden 49%
  • Joseph: Trump 50%; Biden 50%
  • Christopher: Trump 50%; Biden 50%
  • Mary: Trump 48%; Biden 52%
  • Susan: Trump 48%; Biden 52%
  • Elizabeth: Trump 47%; Biden 53%
  • Patricia: Trump 46%; Biden 54%
  • Lisa: Trump 46%; Biden 54%
  • Barbara: Trump 42%; Biden 58%
  • Karen: Trump 40%; Biden 60%

The Times report also includes a searchable database of 102 names that had at least 30 respondents, as well as a quiz for readers to guess patterns that emerged among the various names.

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