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Biden offers his solution to high gas prices, and the online backlash is fierce

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President Joe Biden faced online ridicule and mockery after he offered one solution for high gas prices that the average American would likely find completely unfeasible.

Biden made the comments in a speech Thursday from the White House where he touted his plan to tackle the problem of high gas prices.

The president blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine and the coronavirus pandemic for the rising of gas prices.

"Putin's war is imposing the costs on Americans and our allies, and on Democracies around the world," said Biden in his speech.

He called the increase in gas prices "Putin's price hike" and said that his plan would lead to American energy independence.

"Under my plan, which is before Congress now, we can take advantage of the next generation of electric vehicles, that a typical driver will save about $80 a month from not having to pay gas at the pump," Biden explained.

Gas prices have skyrocketed in past months due to inflation from government overspending, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the Democratic efforts to phase out fossil fuels.

'Way out of touch'

Many critics of the Biden administration took to Twitter to respond to the unfeasible solution.

"Just drop $60,000 on a new car and you could save $80/mo it's not that hard," replied Abigail Marone.

"A 'typical driver' with an average credit score financing a bare bones Nissan Leaf will have a car payment of around $560 a month. So a net 'savings' of -$480 per month," tweeted writer Jim Jamitis.

"The old man and his whole staff is way out of touch," read another very popular response.

"These people live in a totally different world than the average citizen. They just don’t get it or else they do get it and keep pushing it hoping it comes true," replied one critic.

"These people are just mocking the poor and working class people," said another detractor.

Biden's two-prong plan to reduce gas prices included releasing millions more barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve and punishing oil companies who don't follow his command to increase oil production.

A recent poll found that far more people blamed Biden and his energy policies for high gas prices than those that blamed Putin, the pandemic, or greedy corporations.

Here's the video of Biden's comments:

Joe Biden responds to rising gas prices with energy plan | USA TODAYwww.youtube.com

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