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Black Lives Matter gets crushed for praising Cuban regime, blaming 'cruel' US for unrest: ​'BLM is a radical Marxist organization'
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Black Lives Matter gets crushed for praising Cuban regime, blaming 'cruel' US for unrest: ​'BLM is a radical Marxist organization'

Black Lives Matter reacted to Cubans engaging in pro-freedom demonstrations by praising the communist Cuban regime that oppresses its own people, over a million of whom are black. The Black Lives Matter organization also blamed the United States for the current upswell of unrest in Cuba. BLM was blasted on social media for its official stance on the anti-government protests in Cuba.

On Wednesday night, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation posted its official statement about the mass demonstrations in Cuba where protesters chanted, "Liberty!" and "Freedom!"

"Black Lives Matter condemns the U.S. federal government's inhumane treatment of Cubans, and urges it to immediately lift the economic embargo," the post on Instagram reads.

BLM described the embargo as a "cruel and inhumane policy" that is "at the heart of Cuba's current crisis."

"Since 1962, the United States has forced pain and suffering on the people of Cuba by cutting off food, medicine and supplies, costing the tiny island nation an estimated $130 billion," BLM claimed, when in fact, the U.S. embargo allows the export of agricultural products, food, medicine, medical equipment, and humanitarian goods into Cuba.

"Without that money, it is harder for Cuba to acquire medical equipment needed to develop its own COVID-19 vaccines and equipment for food production," Black Lives Matter proposed.

"The people of Cuba are being punished by the U.S. government because the country has maintained its commitment to sovereignty and self-determination," BLM argued. "The U.S. government has only instigated suffering for the country's 11 million people – of which 4 million are Black and Brown."

Black Lives Matter praised the authoritarian Cuban regime for protecting "Black revolutionaries like Assata Shakur," who is a convicted cop-killer and was a leader in the Black Liberation Army, "an underground, black nationalist-Marxist militant organization." Shakur, who was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster, escaped prison and fled to Cuba, where Fidel Castro granted her asylum.

BLM declared, "Now we look to President Biden to end the embargo, something President Barack Obama called for in 2016. This embargo is a blatant human rights violation and it must come to an end."

Black Lives Matter was bashed on social media for supporting Cuba's authoritarian one-party system, instead of backing Cubans calling for freedom.

  • Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.): "Here's the Black Lives Matter org supporting the brutal & oppressive dictatorship in #Cuba."
  • Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.): "The extortionist ring known as the Black Lives Matter organization took a break today from shaking down corporations for millions & buying themselves mansions to share their support for the Communist regime in #Cuba."
  • Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.): "BLM is a radical Marxist organization. Biden cannot let his left-wing supporters pressure him into propping up Havana's communist regime."
  • Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.): "A Marxist organization that not only supports defunding the police, but also supports an oppressive Communist regime."
  • Melissa Chen: "Imagine thinking the trade embargo is responsible for the plight of Cubans. Why, you mean a system without access to capitalist markets cannot provide/allocate resources on its own? Every headline should read: 'BLM in favor of state oppression & police brutalization of PoC.'"
  • Allie Beth Stuckey: "BLM loves communism & hates America. The exact opposite of Cubans fleeing here."
  • Giancarlo Sopo: "Disgusting! Despite the Cuban dictatorship's murdering and beating of protestors (many of them Black), BLM's statement on Cuba….condemns the US, praises the Castro regime, and makes no mention of the atrocities being committed by the dictatorship."
  • Robert Barnes: "Imagine saying Cubans right to choose their own government means siding with the Cuban government that refuses to give them precisely that choice. Just another group of black lives that don't matter for #BLM."
  • Mercedes Schlapp: "BLM says NOTHING about how the Cuban communist and authoritarian regime has stripped the freedoms of the Cuban people and killed innocent lives. Their statement is a betrayal of the Cuban people who are fighting for freedom. BLM supports the communist regime and is a Marxist org."
  • Jim Geraghty: "Black Lives Matter has finally found a group of cops they're unwilling to criticize."
  • Liz Wheeler: "In the face of brutal tyranny at the hands of the Communist Cuban regime, Black Lives Matter condemns… the United States. If you don't believe BLM is Marxist by this point, I don't know how to talk to you."
  • Hillel Neuer: "In Cuba, a repressive regime is firing on peaceful protesters. In America, the organization Black Lives Matter @Blklivesmatter just sided with the oppressor."
  • Will Cain: "And yet so many will walk around still believing BLM is simply a call for racial enlightenment."

Many online commenters were not surprised that BLM supported Cuba's communist regime since co-founder Patrisse Cullors admitted that the organization's creators are "trained Marxists" and was once ecstatic that a book she was promoting was compared to the "Little Red Book" by Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong.

  • Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.): "It's no surprise that the Marxists of BLM are defending a murderous communist regime."
  • Lisa Boothe: "Not surprising coming from communists."
  • Dana Loesch: "No surprise here, the communists are siding with the communists."
  • Ben Shapiro: "Reminder: BLM is a horrible communist organization and always was."
  • Will Chamberlain: "Of course - BLM was founded by trained Marxists, why is anyone surprised that they are communists."

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