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Blaze News investigates: The TRUTH behind China's stealth US border invasion — 'America can only be destroyed by the enemies within'
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Blaze News investigates: The TRUTH behind China's stealth US border invasion — 'America can only be destroyed by the enemies within'

Illegal immigrants abandon IDs before crossing the border and disappearing into the interior of the US.

The Biden administration's open-border policies have fueled a staggering increase in illegal immigration at the northern and southern borders. New research indicates that an increasing number of these illegal immigrants do not come originally from Mexico or countries farther South, but rather from Asia.

Customs and Border Protection officials have been reporting massive increases in Chinese nationals attempting to illegally enter the country, particularly since late 2023.

'We see the women get off the bus. They're immediately contacted by the Chinese taxicab drivers.'

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported earlier this year that the White House relaxed the interview vetting process for Chinese nationals who have illegally crossed the border, further fast-tracking their entry into the country.

In December, NewsNation captured a video in Jacumba Hot Springs, California, showing a massive caravan of Chinese nationals who had crossed the border illegally.

In the first six months of fiscal year 2024, Customs and Border Protection officials nationwide encountered nearly 42,000 Chinese nationals, a 133% increase compared to the same period last fiscal year, when they encountered just over 18,000.

Most Chinese nationals illegally crossing the southern border into the United States enter through the San Diego Sector, which has experienced the most encounters in April of all other sectors in the nation. In fiscal year 2023, the San Diego Sector's CBP experienced almost 231,000 illegal immigrant encounters. So far, in the first six months of fiscal year 2024, there have already been more than 185,000.

These eye-popping numbers reported by CBP do not account for the known or unknown gotaways who entered the U.S. without being apprehended by law enforcement officials.

Jessica M. Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, told Blaze News that the increase in Chinese nationals illegally entering the country can be attributed to the fact that the "news has spread that if you can make it to the U.S. border, chances are you will be allowed to stay, perhaps indefinitely."

El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells has been sounding the alarm about the open-border crisis and reporting on how it is impacting the San Diego Sector in particular. Wells detailed his recent visits to the southern border in a series of videos shared on X.

"I was out there in the middle of the night, and we're driving down these dirt roads and we come across 30 Chinese families — men, women, and children. Just standing there in the middle of nowhere in the dark, maybe 10 miles away from a highway. And they're just waiting to be picked up by the Border Patrol," Wells told Blaze News. "I talked to them. They didn't speak English very well. And I think that some of them probably spoke English better than they let on, but they're just coming over in waves."

He explained that the caravans crossing the southern border are "not just randomly happening" but are part of a highly organized effort. Wells and many others have found countless abandoned IDs and passports scattered in the desert.

"There's a reason for that — they don't want anyone to know who they are. They want to apply for asylum, get their court date for five years in the future, and disappear into the interior of the country," Wells told Blaze News. "We have no idea who they are, why they're here, and what their history is."

He warned that the open-border crisis and relaxed vetting provide a dangerous and easily exploitable opportunity for foreign government actors and terrorists to "slip into the interior" of the country.

"The communist government of China does not see us as an ally; they see us as a competitor in their quest to dominate the world. And I think they've got a vested interest in damaging the United States at any cost. I also know that they've been heavily involved in espionage and stealing technology. And it certainly is a lot easier to do that when you've got tens of thousands of Chinese migrants coming in, and, of course, I would assume some of those are government agents," Wells told Blaze News.

He said the shift in illegal immigrants crossing into California can be blamed mainly on the state's "political climate."

"We're a sanctuary state. Our governor has no interest whatsoever in trying to dissuade people from coming across," Wells added.

In September, San Diego County had 140,000 street releases, according to Wells. Around the same time, Wells noted that he started seeing fewer illegal immigrants from Central America and more from China and Africa.

"The federal government has some goal in mind — I think we all know what it is; it's to change the balance of power in Congress forever. But that goal is so important to them that they do not care about how many people are going to die. I think that's pretty frightening," he stated.

Wells said that the nongovernmental organizations tasked with transporting and providing humanitarian aid to the illegal immigrants are quickly moving the individuals out of the area and relocating them to other parts of the state.

Once the illegal immigrants cross into the country in San Diego County, they are picked up by Border Patrol agents. Iris Avenue Transit Center serves as the primary drop-off point for illegal aliens.

John Fabbricatore, a retired Immigration and Customs Enforcement Denver Field Office director and current Republican congressional candidate for Colorado's 6th District, told Blaze News that Chinese nationals moving through South America to get to the U.S.-Mexico border are paying significant amounts of money.

"They're also being taken care of much better as they move through South America. They are being transported in buses. They have better guides. They're getting food while they're getting through. And that gets all set up by criminal organizations," Fabbricatore said. "These Chinese criminal organizations are actually raising this kind of A+ rating for moving Chinese migrants through South America," often in partnership with the Mexican cartels.

In a video posted on X, Wells described seeing female Chinese nationals being picked up by male Chinese taxicab drivers at the transit station in San Diego County.

"We see the women get off the bus. They're immediately contacted by the Chinese taxicab drivers," he told Blaze News. "These aren't just guys that show up there. They sleep outside of their taxicabs on the ground. They make cooking fires at night. Their whole life is wrapped around bringing these Chinese people to undisclosed locations."

Wells stated that, at this point, he has not confirmed where these women are being taken and why.

"I was with somebody who spoke Mandarin overhearing, and they said that they were talking about getting to locations in Los Angeles. My speculation is that to pay off their debt to get into the country, they're working in sex trafficking and being taken to the brothels they're going to be working in. But I have no confirmation," he said in an interview with Blaze News.

Vaughan, with the CIS, explained that "it would be easy to get away with this kind of an abusive criminal scheme under the current policies."

Women crossing the border illegally are "released with few questions asked," she told Blaze News, because "officers are too overwhelmed to be able to screen for trafficking situations." She noted that even if a trafficking situation was detected, the females would be "unlikely to divulge much information because they will fear for the safety of their families in China."

"This would not be the first sex trafficking scheme involving Chinese women, and it won't be the last, unless we start doing a better job enforcing our immigration laws. But this is an example of how tolerating and encouraging illegal immigration leads to other problems," Vaughan said.

Relaxed border vetting

Air Force General Gregory Guillot told the Senate Armed Services Committee in March that the influx of Chinese nationals illegally crossing the border is "a big concern" of his, noting the potential for "counter intelligence to hide in plain sight in those numbers," Blaze News previously reported.

Vaughan told Blaze News that she believes "most of those crossing the border illegally are relatively ordinary workers looking for better opportunities in the United States, and some are willing to do their time in service to the drug cartels to get out of China."

"Some may be spies — why wouldn't China try that? — but the reality is that most any Chinese citizen here as a student or white-collar worker could be enlisted as a spy for China, and those in schools, on research projects, or working for innovative U.S. companies or the government are in a better position to carry out espionage. The men crossing the border illegally are more likely lower-level operatives or ordinary workers," she remarked.

Fabbricatore informed Blaze News that he believes a greater threat to national security is from destabilization efforts within the country.

"A lot of people just look at it and they see young males crossing the border, and they think the Chinese are sending their military over here. And I don't see that. This isn't 'Red Dawn.' We're not going to see a bunch of soldiers pop up. But it doesn't take that to bring the United States down. It takes people in positions to lead other people to be dissidents and to lash out at the U.S. and have rallies against the U.S. And to just put us into a flux of chaos," he stated.

"It takes people stealing our advanced technology and using that in China and making it so that they get something to the market before we do. There are a lot of things the Chinese government can do to destabilize the United States, and it doesn't necessarily have to be through force," Fabbricatore added.

To move illegal immigrants through quickly, the Border Patrol has pulled back on its vetting processes, allowing potentially dangerous individuals to slip through undetected. For thorough vetting to occur, illegal aliens would need to be held in custody for about two weeks, Fabbricatore explained.

When illegal immigrants enter the country, they are apprehended and transported to a processing facility where their biometrics are collected and an interview is typically conducted, he told Blaze News. The illegal aliens’ information and fingerprints are run through law enforcement systems to check for previous criminal activity.

"But if that person has never been in the U.S., they're not hitting on anything because most of the systems that we're searching through are U.S.-based systems where if a person has come in contact with law enforcement or the FBI, there will be something in the system on them," Fabbricatore continued. "Now, there are more advanced systems that that information travels through, but it's a longer process and doesn't have an initial red flag that comes up."

"The vetting used to be better with the intelligence-gathering, and it's a lot less now because they're just quickly going through those initial interviews," he noted.

'The young people have been indoctrinated, schooled for years to become American Red Guards to do the destruction of our American ideals and values and traditions.'

In addition to the administration's relaxed border policies acting as a magnet for foreign nationals to cross into the country illegally, Vaughan explained that the increase in entries could also be attributed to "the emergence of Chinese organized crime groups expanding their involvement in illegal marijuana growing and in money laundering for the Mexican drug cartels."

"We can be confident that there is a connection and that the lax border and interior enforcement has facilitated this business model of illegal weed grows in rural areas with workers in a state of bondage, enforced with violence," she continued. "According to federal law enforcement agents, the Chinese crime groups are now the money laundering partners of choice for the Mexican drug cartels, because the Chinese developed a model to successfully launder the funds more quickly and more cheaply than the Mexican money brokers who used to do this job."

The Chinese triads are "controlling a lot of these weed grows that you're seeing in the northern part of our border," including in Maine and upstate New York, Fabbricatore told Blaze News.

The threat of the CCP

Fabbricatore stated, "We know for sure that the Chinese are sending assets over to the United States — 100%. You can see that in some of the secret police stations that the Chinese have set up in some of our cities. ... Those are CCP assets that they have sent over to the United States to find dissidents, to find these real asylum-seekers who are coming into the U.S. and speaking out against the Chinese government."

He mentioned that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had shut down the foreign police station operations and arrested some individuals involved.

Lily Tang Williams, a Republican congressional candidate in New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District, told Blaze News that the Department of Justice may have closed down the offices, but that has not stopped the CCP from continuing its operations.

Williams expressed that she is "very, very concerned" about the influx of Chinese nationals crossing the southern border illegally. Tang Williams grew up in China during Mao Zedong's cultural revolution, and she is now determined to "prevent the country she loves from becoming the country she left."

"I have been speaking up about my story for a while, and because of that, the [Chinese Communist Party] has discovered me. And they've threatened me since 2019 to say, 'Shut up,' or, 'You are a wanted criminal when you come back to China to visit your family and friends," Tang Williams stated, adding that she has been unable to see her loved ones since the threats began.

She said she is concerned about her safety and the CCP's influence on American systems.

"I'm afraid that people don't understand China. That is a very complicated issue," Tang Williams remarked. She explained that Xi Jinping aims to ensure that China takes over as the top global power, including "militarily, economically, diplomatically, and technologically."

"There's a strong force united to really destroy our country from within," she told Blaze News. "I truly believe America can only be destroyed by the enemies within."

Tang Williams explained that the federal government has allowed China to "infiltrate" America for decades. She noted that the CCP's influence and control is much more significant than most realize.

"For the U.S. particularly, they have sent the Confucius Institute funded by the Chinese government in the name of promoting culture and the language. ... At the end of last year, I think at most of the college campuses, the Confucius Institute ceased to exist, but I heard they changed names," she warned. "That's the tactic."

Fabbricatore echoed Tang Williams' concerns in a statement made to Blaze News, noting that the CCP has exploited student and work visa programs to plant assets that fuel destabilization efforts.

Tang Williams stated that news outlets in the U.S. that broadcast and publish content in Mandarin are all owned by pro-CCP actors.

"Now, you talk about business associations, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, friendship societies, sister cities, university exchanges," she continued. "It's amazing, all that deep infiltration."

Tang Williams explained that Mao Zedong used identity politics to seize control.

"There is a similarity between the cultural revolution in China and the woke revolution in this country. And the young people have been indoctrinated, schooled for years to become American Red Guards to do the destruction of our American ideals and values and traditions," Tang Williams told Blaze News.

"Marxism is 'oppressor versus oppressed.' So they are constantly creating the new oppressed group," she added. "It's by design. ... Our young people just don't know; they don't realize it."

When asked about the border crisis and recent increase in Chinese nationals illegally entering the U.S., Tang Williams told Blaze News, "I'm very concerned a legal immigrant, like me, has been totally forgotten — people who come here, follow the laws. My brother waited 13 years to come here legally from inside China. And those people are being punished."

Tang Williams explained that a "very organized" system exists for Chinese nationals seeking to immigrate to the U.S. illegally.

"I have watched some TikTok videos in Chinese," she said. The online posts "tell people where to sleep in South America, what route to take to avoid the criminals." Tang Williams explained that they arrange for drivers to pick them up once they have arrived in the U.S.

"Some people are truly wanting to escape China for freedom, come here, live a better life," Tang Williams stated. "But there's lots of military-age men. They do not even want to be photographed, and they don't want to talk. And it sounds like it's very organized, the whole activity. Even telling them which border to enter."

Tang Williams told Blaze News that if the White House and Democrats truly cared about immigrants, they would speed up processing times for those who have applied to legally move to the U.S. She called the administration's open-border crisis a "mad house."

"They are doing this on purpose; this massive illegal migration movement is also supporting and funding the dividing of nations. ... Why do they just open up the borders? There is clearly an agenda to help one party," Tang Williams continued. "[Democrats] only think about their own power grab and staying in power. And getting [illegal immigrants] fast-tracked to get a Social Security number to work and to become voters."

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