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Things get bloody outside Democratic event as Trump supporter fights pair of anti-Trump counterprotesters


All three face charges of assault with a deadly weapon that was not a firearm, police said

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A fight broke out between a supporter of President Donald Trump — who was with a group rallying outside a Democratic event in Long Beach, California, Saturday — and a pair of anti-Trump counterprotesters, KABC-TV reported.

What happened?

About a dozen Trump supporters stood with signs and bullhorns outside the Long Beach Convention Center — where the California Democratic Convention was being held — and chanted "Four more years!" the Long Beach Post reported.

Witnesses said two men approached the Trump supporters and a heated argument ensued, the Post added.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Raul Rodriguez Jr. told the paper the two men started "harassing" him and the other Trump supporters. Rodriguez added to the Post that he turned on his bullhorn siren and put it in the other man's face, and the man grabbed the bullhorn.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

But video shows nothing further apparently transpired between the two — and the real battle was about to begin next to them, as a Trump supporter wearing a red, white, and blue top hat and ringing a white cowbell came over and began arguing with another anti-Trump counterprotester.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Suddenly fists started flying.

The Post said it's unclear who initiated the physical fight. Video seems to show the pro-Trump supporter taking a light swipe at the anti-Trump counterprotester with his cowbell before the punching began, but it's unclear if physical contact occurred before that moment.

The pro-Trump supporter easily knocked back the anti-Trump counterprotester, appearing to use his cowbell in the process.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Video shows the other anti-Trump counterprotester jumping in to defend his buddy, holding aloft his scooter.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The Post said one of the anti-Trump counterprotesters hit the fighting Trump supporter in the face with a scooter — and while video doesn't seem to show that, it does show the pro-Trump supporter chasing the scooter-wielding anti-Trump counterprotester into the street and appearing to punch him at least once.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The pro-Trump supporter then walks back and trades more punches with the other anti-Trump counterprotester.

Police eventually arrive and separate the trio — right behind a Telsa Model S car with a "Kamala Harris 2020" sticker on the rear window and a "L8ER GAS" California license plate.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Witness Brandon Recor said he tried to pull the three men off each other and that the two anti-Trump counterprotesters started the fight, the Post reported. Recor runs a independent conservative YouTube channel called "That's the Point," the paper added.

What happened afterward?

Police arrested the three men involved in the fight on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon that is not a firearm, police spokeswoman Arantxa Chavarria told the Post.

Two of the suspects were taken to a hospital for lacerations, she told the paper.

Here's the clip. (Content warning: Language):

Trump rally Fight in Long Beach Californiayoutu.be

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