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'That seems crazy': Legendary announcer Bob Costas comes out against men in women's sports, describes MAGA as a 'cult'
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for HBO

'That seems crazy': Legendary announcer Bob Costas comes out against men in women's sports, describes MAGA as a 'cult'

Sports broadcaster Bob Costas presented several firm opinions surrounding President Biden, President Trump, and men competing in women's sports in fiery appearance on HBO.

Costas, a legendary announcer who has worked on Super Bowls and Olympic Games, appeared on "Real Time with Bill Maher" and provided vehement and firm positions on a variety of issues.

Maher brought up the subject of Lia Thomas, a male who won an NCAA Division I swimming championship competing against females, and noted how much better he performed against women.

"She's much better relatively in competition with women. She's not really at the top, across the board," Costas remarked, adhering to Thomas' preferred pronouns.

"Obviously a lot of people are saying it's not fair," Maher stated, posing the issue back to Costas.

"Without getting too deep into this, the individual federations that govern these sports make up their own rules. ... I understand that when it comes to Olympic boxing, that federation will allow trans-women to compete against biological women, at birth, biological women. That seems crazy."

"It's not transphobic to say let's inject some common sense here; a lot of this is murky," Costas continued.

"We know that some people who use this as an issue actually are hostile toward trans people. ... If someday the best player in the WNBA can play in the NBA, everybody would applaud, but if the worst guy at the end of the bench of the worst team in the NBA went to the WNBA and averaged 40 points a game, everybody knows that's bulls**t."

Costas also criticized President Biden for continuing to run for re-election despite his apparent cognitive decline. An early February 2024 report from federal authorities stated that if Biden were to present himself to a jury, he would likely be found not guilty of improperly handling classified documents because he would appear "as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."

"When it comes to Biden, this is like the truth that no one until very recently wants to say out loud," Costas began. "Joe Biden should've run on a firm promise that he would be a one-term president. The only reason he is president is that he's not Donald Trump," he declared.

"The Dems could've gotten a lot of people in the bullpen and they could've sorted through those people."

The sports announcer also referred to President Trump as a man who is "in many ways" a threat to democracy, while stating that Biden is not able to articulate why Trump should not be re-elected, either.

"The MAGA cult, which is a coalition of the brainless and ... the spineless; that coalition is not going away," the 71-year-old Costas explained.

"Trump and what he represents must be repudiated," he added.

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