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Boxing match between mobster's grandson and Floyd Mayweather breaks out into all-out brawl after fight is stopped

Image source: Twitter video, @cnation_sports - Screenshot

Undefeated four-division boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. demonstrated in the ring Sunday night that at 46, he's still got it. His 30-year-old opponent, John Gotti III, alternatively evinced his mobster grandfather's aversion to following the rules.

The fight at FLA Live in Sunrise, Florida, wasn't officially being judged, but MMA Fighting scored the first five rounds in Mayweather's favor, noting that the seasoned fighter didn't appear to be sweating very much throughout, having landed 25 punches before receiving his first hit.

Meanwhile, his opponent — a mixed martial arts fighter with only two professional boxing wins under his belt — appeared to get increasingly frustrated as the fight progressed and his luck failed to improve.

Gotti's frustration was visibly compounded by Mayweather's taunting and showboating.

In the third round, for instance, Mayweather, who retired from professional boxing with a 50-0 record, went to work on Gotti with a flurry of body shots, then taunted him with a smile and protruding tongue.

In round five, after Mayweather again had Gotti against the ropes, he reportedly told the referee, "I'm going to keep f***ing this b**** up," which prompted a vicious verbal exchange.

This animus carried over into the sixth of eight possible rounds. However, referee Kenny Bayless stopped the fight following a clinch, citing a failure by both fighters to follow his instructions concerning trash talking.

Despite Bayless' command, Gotti circumnavigated the referee and charged Mayweather. Even while operating outside the rules, the mobster's grandson had trouble landing a punch on the champion boxer.

While the first five rounds and Mayweather's 27 previous knockouts indicated the 46-year-old could probably handle the disqualifying attack, members of his team nevertheless climbed into the ring to intervene.

Gotti's crew similarly joined in, such that there were roughly 20 people in the frenzied throng.

Here is video of the unsportsmanlike conduct and the resulting chaos from another vantage point:

According to MMA Fighting, the pandemonium persisted well after Mayweather and Gotti left the ring.

Fox News Digital reported that Gotti subsequently called Mayweather a "punk b****" and an "enemy for life" on Instagram.

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