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Father claims gender therapist coerced his autistic son into identifying as a ‘transgender lesbian’
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Father claims gender therapist coerced his autistic son into identifying as a ‘transgender lesbian’

A concerned father of an autistic boy is claiming that a gender-affirming therapist has convinced the child to identify as a "transgender lesbian" with encouragement from the child's mother.

What are the details?

The father, Brenton Netz, detailed his family's troubling situation at the Family Research Council's "Pray Vote Stand Summit" in Leesburg, Virginia, last week, the Christian Post reported.

During the summit, Netz recounted the first time he happened upon notes from his son Miles' therapy session with gender therapist Troy Weber-Brown in St. Cloud, Minnesota. To the father's shock and horror, the notes asserted that "Miles reports her sexual orientation as lesbian" and "she reports her gender as transgender female."

Netz and his ex-wife share joint custody of Miles, now 11, who according to the father was "diagnosed with autism at the age of 4" with "an obsessive personality" and "other real behavioral issues."

According to previous reporting by the Daily Wire, Netz claims that his ex-wife had been taking their child to see the gender therapist without his consent and that the clinic was nearing a decision to refer the boy for puberty-blocking drugs when he heard of the situation.

At the summit, Netz reportedly described his son as a "vulnerable child" and condemned Weber-Brown for referring to his "autistic son as a girl named Miley using she/her and them/their pronouns."

He also criticized the "appalling way [Weber-Brown] counsels troubled and vulnerable children," adding, "His stated goal is to re-parent them."

"In my case, [Weber-Brown] set himself up as my son's surrogate father," Netz explained. "He meticulously manipulated my son into thinking he was not only a transgender girl and lesbian, but they were also having structured discussions about irreversible hormones and surgical options."

Brandon Showalter, Arkansas A.G. Lutridge and Brenton NetzTalking At The Pray Vote Stand Summit 2021www.youtube.com

On the clinic's website, Weber-Brown is described as "a licensed family and marriage therapist, specializing in LGBTQ behavioral health care."

What else?

Netz is adamant that his son is being coerced into his newfound identity by adults who are taking advantage of him.

"There is no way my autistic little boy voluntarily self-identified as a transgender lesbian unless he was convinced of that by an adult," he declared during the summit.

That father is currently weighing filing a civil lawsuit against the gender clinic for pressuring his son to identify as a transgender lesbian, the Daily Wire reported. Last year, he successfully obtained a court order to prevent his son from receiving further treatment from the clinic.

He continues to sound the alarm and raise awareness of his family's situation, in part because he wants other parents to be aware of what is happening so that they can protect their own children.

"Our kids are under attack," he said. "We must do everything we can to save them from the jaws of this beast."

"The schools are calling him Miley. ... Everybody in the medical establishment treats him as a girl, calls him Miley," he explained, later noting that he is "the only adult in my son's life who is not affirming ... his delusion."

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