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This bride's wedding dance with her terminally ill father will have you in tears in no time


We're not crying, you're crying (OK, we're all crying)

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A very special father-daughter wedding dance is going viral for its poignancy and meaning, according to

What are the details?

In 2000, Mary Bourne Roberts used to dance around her kitchen with her father, Jim Roberts, to Lee Ann Womack's 2000 hit song, "I Hope You Dance."

Eighteen years later, Mary and her father would dance to the song once more — on her wedding day.

However, a lot happened between the time Mary was a young girl dancing with her healthy dad in their kitchen and the father-daughter duo's dance at her Dec. 29 wedding.

In 2017, doctors diagnosed Jim with glioblastoma — an aggressive and thus far incurable form of brain cancer. Just days before his daughter's wedding, Jim began hospice care, and feared that he wouldn't make it to Mary's wedding.

Jim did, however, and he and his daughter recreated their kitchen dance despite the encumbrance of Jim's wheelchair.

Mary — now a dance teacher at the Eastern Shore Dance Academy in Daphne, Alabama — took the floor with her father, and effortlessly guided him around the dance floor in his wheelchair as he wiped away tears.

Blue Room Photography's Facebook account shared video of the heartfelt father-daughter dance Wednesday, and at the time of this writing, it has been viewed more than 396,000 times.

"Sweetest Father-Daughter Dance ever! The bride, Mary Bourne Roberts (now Mrs. James Butts) is a professional dance teacher. Her father, attorney Jim Roberts, has a limited time on this earth. Mary Bourne chose 'I Hope You Dance' by Lee Ann Womack for their Father-Daughter Dance and its [sic] just great! (Camera is hand held so please excuse the bumpiness)," the video's caption stated.

What else?

Jim's wife (and Mary's mother), Tracy Roberts, told the outlet that her husband would have been in tears even if he'd been on his feet.

Tracy said that the dance was a "testimony to [Mary's] love for her dad."

"He was overwhelmed with pride and the love he feels for her," Tracy added. "It was a great day for him, a beautiful, perfect day for all of us."

The dance was "a testimony to her love for her dad," Tracy says of her daughter. "He was overwhelmed with pride and the love he feels for her. It was a great day for him, a beautiful, perfect day for all of us."

Mary told Fox News that she and her father always planned to dance to the song on Mary's wedding day for as long as they could both remember.

"We had always planned to use the song — we weren't sure how he was going to even feel that day — we just knew that we were going to do it somehow," Mary explained.

Tracy added, "Our family has been through so much since Jim's diagnosis. It was awesome to be able to celebrate Mary ... [together]. [T]he dance was a dream come true for both of them."

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