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VIDEO: CAIR demands hate crime probe into pro-Trump protesters shouting down Democrat candidate calling for 'Trump wife' ban


They said one of the protesters offended a Muslim woman for wearing Islamic garb.

Image Composite: YouTube screenshot

The Council on American-Islamic Relations called for a hate crime investigation into comments made against a Muslim woman at a public political forum in Palmdale, California, that quickly devolved into a shouting match.

The forum was held Saturday by CAIR for candidates seeking to fill the seat vacated by Democrat Katie Hill, who resigned after photos were published of her unethical "throuple" relationship with a staffer.

One of those candidates is Cenk Uygur, a YouTube personality from the far-left progressive "Young Turks" video series.

Pro-Trump protesters began to argue with the candidates and objected strenuously when Uygur insulted President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump.

"So I'm not a normal Democrat, I'm not a run-of-the-mill Democrat," said Uygur.

"I'm not a run-of-the-mill Democrat, I'm very aggressive. I believe in counter-striking, so when they say Muslim ban, I say Trump wife ban, OK?" he continued.

"OK, so he has many immigrant wives, and by the way, Melania has broken the law in how she came here!" he claimed.

"Muslims didn't break the law in how they came here. Muslims are law-abiding citizens and Americans just like anyone else. Trying to ban them is pure bigotry. And the Republican Party agrees with Donald Trump and they almost always do, a hundred percent, the politicians, then call them what they are, you are bigots!" Uygur exclaimed.

"And by the way, if you vote for them, you're also a bigot!" he added.

A Trump supporter in the crowd objected and yelled at Uygur that he was lying.

"Don't degrade my president or his wife! OK?" the Trump supporter added.

"I will, and when I get there, I will kick his ass!" responded Uygur emphatically.

The forum was abruptly canceled after others jumped into the debate.

Uygur posted video of the event on his Twitter account.

During the angry confrontation, one woman reportedly told another, "This is America. You want to assimilate to America? Take that hijab off and be American."

A man also reportedly said, "That's what we want, assimilation. Muslims don't assimilate."

In a statement by CAIR-LA executive director Hussam Ayloush, the organization called for law enforcement to investigate what they saw as threats being made against Muslims.

"Their actions showed a lack of decency and respect for the voters attempting to learn more about people wanting to represent them in Congress," said Ayloush.

A video of the altercation was posted on YouTube by a group calling themselves "We The People Rising."

Here's the video of the kerfuffle:


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