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Campus cop lectures student headed to Halloween party dressed as 'Friday the 13th' killer because his fake machete triggered onlooker


'Can you see why this might be a problem right now?'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A pair of students from George Mason University in northern Virginia were on their way to a "Once Upon a Scream" Halloween party Tuesday night — and, as we know, Halloween parties aren't much fun unless attendees are in costume.

So Akshay Chitre wore a getup inspired by Robin Hood, the College Fix noted — and his friend Jawad Nahian donned a hockey mask, got himself a machete prop, and became the gazillionth or so person to celebrate Halloween as Jason Voorhees, the legendary homicidal character from the "Friday the 13th" slasher movie franchise.

But the fun got hacked to pieces — for a little while anyway.

What happened?

Seems somebody called campus police on the pair due to the sight of Nahian's fake machete, the outlet said, and three officers were dispatched to check out the potential safety threat.

The College Fix noted that the pair were questioned as they showed officers their photo IDs.

“Some guy or girl decided to report us for wearing Halloween costumes. Who carries a real machete? … I mean, c'mon people," Nahian told the outlet. “Some people don't even know what Halloween probably is."

One of the responding officers, Sgt. Donald Daniels, was seen on video inspecting the fake machete and then asking the dynamic duo, “Can you see why this might be a problem right now?"

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Daniels continued: "I understand it's Halloween, guys, and everything like that ... but we live in a society now where stuff like this" has to be taken seriously.

The officer told the students they needed to keep the prop machete covered or in a bag until they arrive at the party.

“Do I find it ridiculous?" Daniels asked rhetorically. "Yeah, kind of. But I still have to come out and believe that it's real until I determine that it's not."

With that, the officer appeared to escort the students to the party.

What did the college have to say?

Eric Fowler, a spokesman for the university, told The College Fix that “police responded to an incident, they had to check it out, and that's it."

The outlet said Fowler noted a Virginia state law prohibiting those over 16 from wearing masks — although the College Fix said the law indicates it doesn't apply to those "wearing traditional holiday costumes."

Fowler, when asked about the provision, told the outlet it's up for “debate."

At least the student won't be accused of cultural appropriation.

CollegeFix: Police called over student's Friday the 13th 'Jason Voorhees' costume prop

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