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Canadian military demands US podcaster delete episodes featuring sniper who was fired for refusing vaccine and mask mandates

Image Courtesy Shawn Ryan Show / Dallas Alexander / YouTube (screenshot)

Canadian military authorities demanded that an American podcaster delete episodes of his show that featured a former Canadian sniper, claiming sensitive information was revealed, as reported by the New York Post.

Dallas Alexander, a former counterterrorism sniper with the Canadian military, mentioned that he is the shooter who made a record 2.2-mile sniper kill of an ISIS fighter in 2017.

The record has long been of legend, and Alexander was not named in the original reports.

The podcaster, Shawn Ryan of the "Shawn Ryan Show," is an ex-Navy SEAL with over one million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Ryan posted an explanation on Twitter, in part saying "I want to be perfectly clear, I am not an ANTI VAX individual. I believe in freedom of choice and in freedom of speech. This is why I cut anything that could have possibly been considered 'classified' from part 2 of the episode."

Ryan also posted the cease-and-desist letter sent from the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM), which stated “your podcast series contained information or material that has been properly classified and protected, and which is sensitive information such that its public release is injurious to Canadian national security, national deference, and international relations."

It continues on the second page, "[Canadian Armed Forces/Department of National Defense] is willing to work with you to review your podcast episodes ... to enable you to publish versions that do not contain classified information."

Alexander spoke out against and refused Canadian vaccine and mask mandates and was fired from the armed forces.

"I'm not doing it," Alexander recalled saying when asked to wear a mask in front of his superiors.

Alexander recalled asking if everyone in the room was going to be wearing masks, and when he was told "yes," he replied, "Then that means you're all safe if they work, and if they don't they're not safe, then why are you telling me to put one on?"

After being escorted from the building by a superior, Alexander says he never returned to work.

Ryan responded by sharing his understanding of Navy SEAL units' reaction to vaccine mandates, saying that "they've demoralized all the units."

The Canadian government is reportedly investigating the unauthorized release of the record-breaking sniper shot video, allegedly released by Ryan.

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