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Celebrity lawyer blasts CNN after it drops him as contributor in wake of Michael Avenatti extortion scandal


He didn't hold back

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Attorney Mark Geragos slammed CNN after the network dropped him as a contributor and legal analyst, calling the network a "lame-ass organization."

CNN cut ties with Geragos after he was linked to attorney Michael Avenatti in a reported attempt to extort millions of dollars from Nike in exchange for suppression of purportedly damaging information.

A network spokesperson told Mediaite, "Mark Geragos is no longer a CNN contributor."

What did he say?

Speaking on the "Adam Carolla Show," Geragos said CNN was also the "Know-Nothing Network."

"God forbid that I start telling some of the stories for how I've covered for that lame-ass organization," he threatened.

"They ought to change their name to the 'Cut and Run Network,'" Geragos insisted. "I've been texted by all of their anchors who are as outraged as I am that after 20 years, a press conference is enough to have them immediately want to disassociate themselves."

What else?

On Monday, authorities charged Avenatti in two cases: one alleging that he embezzled money from a client and engaged in both wire and bank frauds, and the second case alleging that he threatened to divulge potentially damaging information about Nike unless it made him a large sum of money. Avenatti has denied all allegations at the time of this writing.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Geragos — who has represented celebrities like "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett, former NFL player-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick, and more — was named as Avenatti's co-conspirator in the purported Nike scheme.

Geragos' attorney told the Los Angeles Times that he did not expect that Geragos would actually be charged in connection with the Avenatti-Nike case.

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